Knitting, crocheting and stuff

I’m a knitter and crocheter - one of my earliest crochet projects was the scarf later used in The Pumaman in that host segment.

I also hang out on Ravelry and have knitted costume stuff, mostly using patterns by DrawFour Designs (discovered by a post on the website)

Any other needle crafters out there want to hang out?


I’m working on patterns in cross stitch, due to health issues I’ve only managed mini Crow and mini Tom so far.


I mentioned on KS I might try knitting the bots. Can’t find a knitting pattern I like atm but Jonah did reply to that comment and it made my day :rofl:

I’m not confident enough to try and adapt/create patterns for the bots yet but once I finish my current project I’m going to attempt to adapt a few patterns to create host dolls of Joel, Mike, Jonah and Emily. Then I might make Frank, Dr F, Pearl, Bobo, Brain Guy, Synthia, Max and Kinga.

I’m much more confident with “human” shapes :rofl:


There are a wealth of basic doll patterns on Ravelry, you can pretty much choose whatever shape pleases you.

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I am a newbie knitter and would love to be able to do MST3k themed projects!
I am good with using a loom, but haven’t figured out knitting in the round yet. :slight_smile:


Awesome! I would love to stitch this!


I can email you the pattern, but I don’t know if you’ll be able to view the file without the software. Or I can also just take a better pic for you =)


Actually, the pic isn’t bad! I can make out the pattern! Super excited. Tom Servo is my fav.


I’m in! Though I haven’t tackled anything specifically MST3K with my stitchery yet, my projects are usually pretty nerdtastic – two and a half Fourth Doctor scarves, four crocheted plush Daleks, two crocheted plush Cthulhus (Cthulhi?) and an 8bp DNA molecule.

Fellow Ravelers can find me there under this same name, too.


Made this for my BIL last Christmas. Or I tried to make it for Christmas, it was late.


I’m a QUILTER, so I guess that falls under “stuff.” Hah! I could never get the hang of knitting. Did crochet a little bit, but it’s not as compelling to me as quilting is. I have a humongous stash of quilting fabric, but very little yarn. I am a very “liberated” quilter, as I do not fret too much over points that don’t match or the odd block that gets turned the wrong way. I do both machine piecing and hand piecing and quilting, and I up-cycle and use a lot of scraps and other things that some people consider un-usable. I am also learning how to repair and restore old quilts that are family heirlooms.


I do some very basic quilting. Just black squares alternating with patterned squares. I think it’s because I’m lazy and most quilt patterns are way more effort than I am willing to expend. I can do cross stitch all day, but after about 30 min at the sewing machine and my back starts hurting.


I’m a knitter/crocheter/needle worker, and I’d love to learn about new fun things to create!


Not to mention standing to press and cut! I do have to watch and not overdo it sometimes, or get lost in working on something and stay up too late. Hah! I used to stay up till the wee hours with no problems. In fact, I worked nights, got home at around 2:00 a.m., and would sleep till around 9-10. I’ve always been a night owl, so it worked for me. And I have also worked two jobs for many years. But as I grow older, I can’t keep up that pace anymore. :smiley:


P.S. I meant to say that your quilting style and mine sound very similar. :star_struck:


I’m a night owl as well. I’m having a very hard time adjusting back to getting up early now that covid has eased up and I’m physically going into work more. The time I’ve spent working from home has been awesome. No one I’ve ever made a quilt for has complained, despite my lazy style. I have a box of old shirts somewhere I’m going to make into a quilt one day. BTW have you seen the Accuquilt cutters? I’m hoping it will relieve the pain of cutting the squares at least partially.


I’d love to do an MST3K quilt, but it would probably have to be out of MST3K shirts since it’s not like there is fabric out there for that.


My wife is a quilter, at least if somebody has a baby. Last time she made one, about three years ago, she used her cricut to cut the pieces for an entirely curved piece quilt. It took a long time but cut them all accurately and saved a ton of work and discomfort. If she quilted more I’d look into an accucut. Those look cool.


The closest I get to weaving is hook-latch kits. But my partner does cross-stitch, crochet, and even makes doilies.

Personally I’d gladly buy a set of MST3K amigurumi figures if someone made them!

PS - Ha, someone did! Still, I’d love to see someone here from the board take this on.


I have seen the Accuquilt cutters and they have been recommended to me, but I do not have one yet.