KTMA 16. City on Fire (1979)

Just now watching this. The second film I had already seen in a theater when it first came out. I remembered absolutely nothing about it except for the scene in which the woman wipes vomit off the man’s face before giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Not something I needed to see.

Some fine fire scenes and stunts. Some lousy mattes. (At one point, it looks like rockets are blasting out of the City on Fire on their way to outer space.)

I guess it’s really easy to make a giant refinery blow up.

The will-Ava-Gardner-be-too-drunk-to deliver-the-news-report subplot wasn’t great. I mean, can’t somebody else do it?

The role of the United States is played by Canada.

Decent riffs. “That’s the last time we play Talking Heads in this house” was good. Greeting Ava Gardner with “Thank you, Vampira” was fun, because I like Vampira’s look.


I love how both this and SST: Death Flight couldn’t happen without a psycho half-witted Wormy Guy and lax (!!!) security to get things rolling.

“I’ll sabotage the thing to get a pretty lady to pay attention to me!!”

I’ll sabotage the thing because whining didn’t get me a promotion!!”

I wonder if they’re related. :thinking:


“Who would hire a producer named ‘Jimbo’?”
—Tom Servo