KTMA 6. Gamera vs. Gaos (1967)

“It’s close to midnight…” “Something evil’s lurking in the dark…” “Under the moonlight…” “You see a sight that almost stops your heart…” “You try to scream!!!” “But eruptions break and Kaiju try to eat you!!!” “You start to freeze!!!” “As people die and Gamera’s on the scene!!!” The third Gamera geared for children after the weak performance of Gamera vs. Barugon (1966). Volcanic activity entices Gamera to Mount Fuji as a research team is killed investigating the tremors. A reporter and small boy cross paths with Gaos who quickly gulps another victim. Nocturnal and fond of blood? “This beast is a vampire!!!” “Sent to drain!!!” “The sun might kill it!!!” “If they can find bait!!!” Gamera Movies, Servo Hits Puberty, Kim Carnes, Tangent, New Year’s Edition. “They must be on the loop in Chicago”, “Oh that had to happen”, “Oh it’s funny until someone loses their entire body.” “Pretty advanced Etch A Sketch” or “I think there’s a problem”?


KTMA 6. Gamera vs. Gaos (1967).

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Best of KTMA 6.

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It’s Just A Show 62. [MST3K K06. Gamera vs. Gaos]

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“Boy! Boy! Crazy boy!”

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