Kudos on November's Vault Picks segments!

Long time lurker, first time thread-starter.

Just wanted to say that, while I’ve enjoyed all the previous months’ Vault Picks segments, November’s has really knocked it out of the park. Mary Jo killed it as Pearl, and the Emily and Jonah host segments are all really fun.

Don’t know if this has been suggested elsewhere, but I really hope all of the Synthia’s Selects segments end up as a bonus feature on the season boxset. Rebecca does such an amazing job!


This might get moved to the Synthia Selects thread, but happy first thread. And yeah, there is so much material, from the Selects sketches to the livestreams and enhancements, you could offer one heck of a loaded deluxe BD edition for this season


Thanks for saying so! I’ve really been looking forward to this month, with the expansion of the Selects Universe. Glad you’re enjoying them!