Late to the Merch Party... (Mindless Summer merch, that is!)

Hey all! I am finally getting around to watching the Mindless Summer livestreams and didn’t realize until, like, last night that there were t-shirts and other merch for them. Of course, they were limited run, which makes sense…but does anyone know if there were any left over anywhere that might still be up for grabs somewhere?

Not that I want to make excuses for being late to the Mindless Summer party (no wait, I totally do…evacuated because of the CA fires, plus my dad being in and out of the hospital every other week for the past eight months, it’s been a time!), and I had been looking forward to it. I just love the Endless Summer-esque design they used and was hoping I could still catch a wave. I mean a t-shirt. Or something along those lines.

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