Laugh Reaction

Some follow-up here on my suggestion from way back to add a Laugh reaction alongside the current Like reaction. It just seems to make sense on a forum like this, especially when so many posts elicit laughs.

It looks like this plug-in might be fit for purpose if you have any interest in adding such a feature. I realise it adds even more work and complexity to your job, so will understand if it’s not something you want to take on. But have a look in case you do. You can limit it to one pre-defined reaction, like Laugh, or a list of reactions, or even create a custom one with its own emoji. Personally I’d prefer that this forum doesn’t go all Discord with a blue million reactions, and think just adding Laugh is plenty.


I think that would be really fun, and it fits the spirit of the forum well.


It’s happening! It’s happening!


Its Happening The Office GIF by NBC

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It even works in the app if you long press the :heart: icon. I had to reload the app to get it going, but that’s all it took.


Brought to you by Brendan Fraser, the patron saint of boisterous laughter.

It’s my opinion that the two following types of reactions are missing from the list:


And angry:

These are two basic human emotions that are MISSING. What say you, @Lesley ?