Left on the cutting room floor...

I was thinking this morning about the cut original ending from Little Shop of Horrors

And the cut Luke and Biggs scenes from Star Wars

And I was wondering what other interesting things cut from movies people here know about. Any other good examples?


Hmm - how about Disney actually CUTTING the entire reboot of “Willow” from D+? I didn’t watch it, but I heard a few things about it and - like “Velma” it sounded extraordinarily bad. From what I gather like most of the garbage puked out nowadays it was a typical “reimagined for modern audiences” bit of post-modern ick that scooped out the innards of Willow and wore the intellectual property like a skin.

As awful as it sounds, I’m not sure I’m a fan of the idea of deleting its existence. Created material should stay around … if nothing else as a cautionary example for history to look back on.

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That, and some stuff must be kept around for riffing material.