Len Kabasinski, movie maker

I though Len should have his own thread, what with his new movie Pact of Vengeance coming out on Friday.
Not only is it the late Leo “Low Blow” Fong’s swansong, but it also stars Jon Mikl Thor from Rock & Roll Nightmare and Zombie Nightmare, a couple of pro wrestlers (Diamanté & Peter Avalon) and Len his good self. Matt Hannon/Karedas from Samurai Cop was originally involved, but withdrew from the project. Ah, maybe next time…
Jon Mikl Thor has also contributed some songs.
Supporting a true independent shoestring film-maker is cheap as chips on Patreon*, and you get his downloadable movies and the semi-regular videos, Fist of the Film-Maker and Forgotten Movie Den.
Plus, as an unexpected bonus, today he sent backers not only the script to “Pact”, but the original script that includes Matt, plus some day planners and fight choreography.

*he also does crowdfunder campaigns when he has a new project ready to start.


It’s literally $2/month, too.

His Tubi Movie Showdown with Joe from Ozone Nightmare is worth the price of admission alone.

I’ve added a few titles to my Tubi list, thanks to those two guys.

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…and I just got my download link for Pact of Vengeance! :sunglasses:

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