Let's Make A Meal is so good

“Let’s Make A Meal in 20 Minutes” is my favorite film, short or full-length, from the new season so far. I genuinely laughed the whole way through. The riffs have that great feeling that so many of the old 50’s and 60’s shorts have, where they constantly mock the fake, white suburban utopia presented (helped by having the daughter from one of those earlier shorts, “A Date With Your Family”).

Favorite riff right now:

Narrator: “In a convenient corner of the Gasco kitchen is an emergency shelf of canned and packaged goods appropriate to a quick meal. Here’s where Mother also tucks away a spare collection of cleansers.”
Tom: “For poison.”
Narrator: “The foods include: canned soup, cooked meat, stews, any good packaged food which will keep indefinitely.”
Crow: “Spam, and her collection of fingernails.”


My favourite bit is the clear punchline at the end that if someone offered you that “meal” the only rational response is “let’s just order some takeout”