Let's Make a MSTie in 20 Minutes!

I don’t normally get to watch the livestreams live. Here in good ol’ Central time, the livestreams start at 7 and my 4 year old daughter’s bedtime isn’t until 8. Of course, I’m not opposed to sharing MST3K with her (our cats are named Crow and Servo and we’ve been singing her the love theme when we tuck her in with the words changed to be about her and Mystery Science Bedtime for awhile now, so…) but she doesn’t really have the patience to sit through a cheesy live action movie yet, let alone get what the references or jokes being hurled at the screen actually mean, so my spouse and I have just been catching the replays either later in the night or sometime the next day, usually a bit of both.

I still haven’t watched the entire Future War stream, but last night I thought “Heck, we can probably sneak in the short. She’s just going to be playing with her toys anyway, and the absolute longest it could be is 20 minutes, only 11 if Pipeline to the Clouds is anything to go by!” As we know now, it was even shorter than that (a lean 5:35), and half of that was the bots just making mouth sounds in time with her cooking.

My daughter went absolutely nuts for it.

She was fascinated by the fact the robots had the same names as our cats. She roared with laughter every single time a silly sound was made. She was impressed by how big the fridge was. Normally she’s all over the place, but she was glued to the screen for those five minutes and loving it.

We let Future War start and she was pumped for another episode, got up and started dancing during the theme song, sat back down and watched and laughed all the way until a toy dinosaur started terrorizing people, at which point she started running around and pretending to be a dinosaur. We didn’t get her attention back after that, and of course we had to shut it off entirely for bed, but that was the moment we’ve been looking forward to for awhile.

Say what you will about “Let’s Make a Meal in 20 Minutes”, but it’s one of the youngest new MSTies’ favorite episodes!


:partying_face: Nice job.

Also, that meal sounded revolting and looked skimpy for the --what-- family of ten it appeared to be meant for?

I, too, have an “emergency dinner” for when I’m in a hurry. I call it scrambled eggs and toast.


For us it’s delivery. One of the benefits of being in a very densely populated area, but also the reason we got so squishy over the last two years. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it is hard to calm down once you’ve gone full dinosaur.


By the way, someone mentioned in chat how this is the same actor from “A Date With Your Family.” YouTube also has another riffed Gasco Family spectacular called “Let’s Make A Sandwich.” Mom from “A Date” also appears there. Josh Way does his usual admirable job of riffing it, though his copy wasn’t colorized. (And yes, the food still sounds terrible. You’ll probably need to crack a window while viewing.)


That’s really awesome, @Emily! I never considered that, a very concise MST3K short to bring new MSTies into the fandom. Very cool stuff!

And it works, too, because it has some really choice material all jam-packed into the five-minute runtime.

I’m still all “WHAT?!” about that kitchen in the short keeping the cleansers THAT CLOSE to the food.


I was a little older (high school age) but my first real exposure was when my physics teacher showed “A Case of Spring Fever” in class.

…and then he just let it keep running for the rest of the hour. Might have regretted it a bit by the time the movie got to “Mother, that’s PRIVATE!”


I guess we should be glad they were below the purportedly edible stuff and not above it…? :thinking: The cynic in me feels like there’s probably a pipe under the sink which leaks and that’s the real reason the soaps have to live where they do.



Okay, THAT’S awesome. Your physics teacher had good taste in entertainment, especially if he left Squirm running!


What? I keep the bleach and the insecticide in the bag of flour to keep it clean and pest-free. That’s what you’re supposed to do, right?


I dunno, it looks like she’s got Ajax on the top shelf.

That seems a mite ill-advised, to put it charitably.



The whole thing feels like the setup for a Good Idea, Bad Idea segment on Animaniacs


Oh, so that’s NOT Ajax-brand shortening? Well, live and learn. :upside_down_face:


It’s gonna shorten something!


[flat-out guffaws at that]

Heh, well played!


Dad called Mom and will be “late for dinner” again. At 3AM, he’ll once again wake up to find that Mother’s biscuits “aren’t agreeing with him.” But he hasn’t yet put 2 and 2 together, though Mother herself did so several months ago. If you get my drift.


Six months later little Billy stands up, “I accuse my parents! Er…parent…”


Those revolving shelves are really cool. We wanted those when we had our kitchen remodeled, but there just wasn’t anyplace for them with the plan we picked out. I don’t think the short needed to spend quite so much time showing those off, however.

One thing we did get is the rounded-end countertop. I’ve always loved those. So even though it had to be at the opposite end of the kitchen where you see it walking out instead of in, I’m happy.


With scrambled eggs and toast, “marketing” doesn’t get its cut


lol. Tell that to the Chickens Of Tomorrow™ and the makers of New, Enriched Stuff™. :wink:


“I wish Ted Meyers would narrate me drunk-dialing Postmates at 2 in the morning.”

:joy: I’m dead.