Let's Make an Episode!

The votes are in! Winning by a nose, The Incredible Petrified World!

Next steps, bequeathed by our illustrious leader:

  1. After the poll is over, and the movie chosen, we all watch the movie as many times as we can stand, and then take turns bouncing ideas off the wall for the following “elements”:
    * Intro Segment (what wacky things are the host(s) and the bots doing before the Mads call?)
    * Invention Exchange
    * Host Segment 1 - Something wacky happening on the SOL
    * Host Segment 2 - Something directly related to the movie and/or something in the movie (like The Movie’s “Metaluna Mixer”, or Mike Nelson’s Torgo delivering pizza, that sort of thing)
    * Host Segment 3 - Something with the crew interacting with the Mads
    * Host Segment 4 - Something totally off the wall, with a callback to an earlier host segment
    * Fan Letters

Also, my favourite part, the clip from the movie after the end of the credits!

I hope you all have no trouble finding this movie on Youtube to watch. There are many versions (most have extra footage padded), so please watch the 1:07 version.

I know it’s going to be hard to watch this repeatedly without riffing, so go ahead and record your first-reaction riffs (and second-, and etc). For ease of assembly, please use a format similar to below. Character is optional. We don’t have a host selected yet, so if you are envisioning someone specific for a riff, use anyone!

Format: mm:ss [character] riff


14:14 [Tom Servo] Oh, I’ve never seen that before!

We’re still working on how to review, share, and vote for the final product. For now, let’s discuss the host segments here. My brain’s already bubbling! :exploding_head:


This tool seems promising:


Also, while I’ll be watching this thread, I won’t be available much until about the 17th, sorry. :crying_cat_face:

I hope y’all have fun! Feel the pain!


This forum isn’t going to be suitable for all aspects of this collaboration on a new fan-made episode, so we are looking for suggestions on what tool to use. We’ve tried a couple of wiki solutions, but nothing is really bringing the goods.

We are looking for a solution with these features:

  • the ability to insert rows to maintain a timeline (text only is fine; preferably a table with time, text and contributor columns)
  • security to either allow new entries only, or editing of your own entries only
  • a large number (~50) of concurrent collaborators
  • the ability to vote on a row (possibly via comments)

Sounds a bit like a Google Sheet might work?


I’m thinking of a collaborative Desktop application, database driven, that can output a final SRT file and allows one or more “Directors” to manage which riffs are “Canon” for the project.

Hey, just because I’m on vacation away from a PC that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking of this… at my hotel, poolside while my kids are whacking each other with pool noodles.

Here’s what I’ve got so far for database tables, for those of us that are more technically inclined:


UserName varchar(50)
Email varchar(250)
PassHash varchar(250)


ID int
FileName varchar(250)
Title varchar(250)
Length int


ID int
Description varchar(250)
ContentID int > Content.ID


RiffProjectID int > RiffProject.ID
User varchar(50) > User.UserName
Director bool


RiffProjectID int > RiffProject.ID
Time DateTimeStamp
Text varchar(4000)
Canon bool

And I can out together a basic UI when I get home that will allow any user to work on any RiffProject at any time, and the “Directors” of the project can choose to canonize or decanonize the specific riffs at any time, as well as add or remove users from a RiffProject (with the option to remove all of the user’s riffs).


As long as it is free, I am in. :slight_smile: There are lots of solutions out there but a lot of the better ones you have to pay for. So if you can build something out, I think that would be great!


Want to try a Google Sheet experiment? Message me with your e-mail address, and I’ll add you to our test. We managed to protect our riffs by assigning a column to each contributor, and then they have to protect the column so only they (and the owner) can edit. The layout is a necessary side effect of this, so each 1 second gets its own row (you can’t add rows if a cell there is protected).

Of course, if Ansible gets a better product working, we can export from the Google Sheet so we don’t have to retype everything.


I am so stoked. Lets do this!

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Okay, I added some riffs just on my first viewing. I’ve never really done this before (just impromptu riffing while watching stuff), would someone mind taking a look at what I submitted and give me some feedback?

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@MyWy, can you add @MaynardBangs to the google sheet


Pretty much Fred’s entire catalog is spoiling for a fight/riffing.

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How do I get in on this here riffin’ stuff?


@MaynardBangs will need to message me with an e-mail address (preferably Gmail). Then I can do it.


Funny you should mention that.
Just click bit.ly/MSTBuffy, and you’ll get the ultimate revenge

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I’ve been off on vacation I’ll be returning to productivity tomorrow I’m very excited to hop onto this project and contribute to the best of my ability!

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Late to the party, but now that the episode is chosen, (and because it looks like you can’t go back and edit the first post to let people know that) you might want to create a new thread specifically for working on the riff, link to it, and then close this thread, so it doesn’t get confusing. It would be nice if we could get it thumbtacked by the mods. (And if this works out, maybe even give it a special section on the forum)

A couple of logistical suggestions before we start:

1) We should agree on a standard “base” version of the movie to write from, so all our time codes match. I suggest using this copy, since it’s the cleanest looking print I’ve seen online, and archive.org won’t interrupt you every 15 minutes with commercials.

2) We need to determine where the host segment breaks should be in relation to the film. This can be important for the placement of skits, since you don’t want to reference something in the movie that hasn’t happened yet.

3) I suggest we all start writing riffs right now independently using the mm:ss [character] riff format, since that’s something we can do while the project leaders are trying to figure out how we want to link everything together.

4) While not essential, the invention exchange is often more fun when both the Mads and the Bots are both doing invention exchanges that are vaguely on the same wavelength. I came up with a list of prompts for doing a monthly Invention Exchange project in another thread, but if we want to pick one of these as a “theme” for the experiment, it might help fire people up with some interesting invention exchange suggestions:

  • invent a new musical instrument
  • get people to exercise more
  • make real life more like the movies
  • help speed up housework
  • come up with a new alternative to texting
  • bring families back to the dinner table
  • get back to nature
  • help people to relax
  • create an alternative energy source
  • help people become an artist
  • going retro (aka. living in the past)!
  • make reading fun
  • help people to stand out from the crowd
  • make it easier to work from home
  • live like a ninja
  • gifts for Grandma
  • help encourage recycling
  • tell the future!
  • help people eat more healthy
  • make wars less violent
  • fashions… of the future!
  • puppets!
  • living on the go (make things portable)
  • corporate-sponsored holidays
  • stay clean and neat
  • gifts for baby!
  • help people get out of the house
  • get that job!
  • help people quit smoking
  • make real life more like cartoons
  • love and affection (show you care)
  • go big!
  • take back a bad decision
  • microliving/miniaturization
  • new versions of old toys
  • live like a celebrity
  • make sports more interesting
  • draw inspiration from animals

Whoops, now I think I understand this thread. Thank you for finding an archive.org link.


I believe that I can. At least, the edit window comes up for me. I’ll get around to updating it sometime in the next couple of days.

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Now that we’ve officially selected The Incredible Petrified World as our movie, I plan to do my riff writing in Google Sheets, as it’s simple to use and a great way to riff collaboratively. I’ve already created one for the movie with 5 second riff increments. (That’s only 800 or so jokes. We can do it!) and made it editable by anyone who wants to join in and start adding their own riffs into the mix:

Here’s how it looks (with the half an hour it took me to riff just the first minute and 30 seconds):

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Just write your riff at the appropriate timecode (again, I’m using the archive.org print because it’s cleaner than the others I’ve found online, and we want to make sure everyone writing riffs has the exact same time-code because even 5 seconds off could be confusing.

If somebody else already has something written in a slot, just write your riff idea one slot over. Please don’t delete anybody else’s jokes even if you think you have a funnier one.
Though if you want to suggest an alternate phrasing or tweak to it, just write your version in the next slot.