Let's make more MST3K avatars!

At the end of the Santos stream, they talked about figuring out how to populate the Kingadome for live events; let everyone make an avatar of the back of their head and shoulders, and randomly populate the theater with people currently streaming


Like every cheap monster costume, the back of my head has a zipper running up it.


I love this idea! I would think it would be much lower bandwidth than using decorated cambots as well. Just doing silhouettes of folks would be cool. Maybe you could have up to 4 or 5 to accommodate those who like to watch with their spouse or children too.


Can I bring my death ray or do I have to buy an extra seat?

It’s for peaceful purposes!


I also would like to be able to customize my cambot.

Paint flames on the sides, or a wizard riding a dragon…

Or strongman crow from the Cheesy Movie Circus Tour like the pinups painted on the nose of WW2 planes…


Actually, custom assets are lot more resource intensive then supplying a predefined set of avatars with selectable attributes. For those they just need to create them and be done, and there is no need to review each as it is submitted or allocate space to host everyone’s personal image. Also, the user experience is much faster, as once you have downloaded the “house set” of avatar elements there is nothing further to retrieve. Contrast that with having to download an individual avatar every time you run into a newly encountered user.

I’m fine with authorised avatars that have some amount of customisation available. I certainly don’t want to be in the theatre with someone with a distracting, obscene, or overly large avatar. As much as we as individuals might like it, it’s just a management nightmare for Alternaversal.

A further plus with in-house avatars is that they can create animations that work with them. Doing that for custom avatars would be a full-time job.


Predefined silhouettes was what I was actually thinking vs fully custom ones (though I see now that was what the original post was calling for).


Oh definitely, a nice selection of silhouettes would be great. We discussed that a while back in another thread. They could be designed with virtual armatures so that the animations would work for all of them, too (or at least for those designed on a roughly humanoid outline). And of course there could be silhouettes of characters like Mr B Natural, Pitch, Trumpy, and the She-Creature, too. I personally would love one of Time Ape Gebâ or Ro-Man The Robot.


Yes! I’d love to have a tartan Cambot!


Oooooh, oooooh – I call dibs on Joey the Lemur!


I claim Rowsdower!


Steam Store and Gaia Online Anime forums had my favorite avatar systems. Gaia’s had a point system to earn points for avatar parts by posting and commenting. Parameters would be how many artists are generating art, how points are earned, how fast points are earned. Then categorize art like is it a hat, L eye, R eye , L arm, R arm, torso, hips, legs, L foot, R foot, nose, mouth, frame, pet?

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