Let's talk about the May 5th update

Anyone have any thoughts on the latest update?

I’m a little surprised by some of the revelations I’m seeing today.

  • From THE TIMING: episode screeners will be available before the debut, to give people an opportunity to watch the episode earlier in the day and then drop in on the stream later to join the live Q&A events. That’s really cool, and it addresses a feeling that I’ve had for a bit now – a livestream might not be the best way to experience these shows for the first time. There are technical hiccups, there’s the fear you’ll miss something if you get up for a snack, etc. I’m still probably going to see it streamed first, but it’s nice to see there’s an option.

  • From STREAMING VS. DOWNLOADING, episode screeners can be downloaded DRM-free two weeks after the debut. Honestly, I’m surprised the turnaround was that quick. I know at least one person simply didn’t have the tech to do streaming and needed a download option as soon as possible, I’m hoping that solves their issue.

And one more thing from the About page:


All Gizmoplex visitors can stream every available classic episode: for free, on demand, and without ads until 2023!

I know that the original plan was to have ad-free streaming for a month as a debut thing, but for the rest of the year? That’s… pretty incredible. Like, I love the generosity, but I’m also thinking… I hope that this is a paying proposition for you guys. I’m hoping that this service can raise money for Season 14 and beyond.

Just wanted to share some thoughts. How’s everyone else feeling as the plans are starting to come together?


I’m going to have to wait and see how the early release screener vs the live episode thing will work.


I can live with that.


As someone in an “awkward” time zone I really appreciate the possibility of streaming the episodes prior to the official premiere, but I also think it might feel a bit like cheating, or knowing what your Christmas present is before opening, so I think I’ll try and stay up for the livestreams where that’s doable for me. Either way, it’s really cool that they are offering early viewing as an option.


Wish it was easier to find the episodes by season in the app, but maybe that will come. Just don’t like going back and forth between app on Roku and website to choose what to watch. I do like that now on Roku, my list is available. I’ll have to go look at the app on Android too.

But am pleasantly surprised so many available for free for one year. I’m psyched.


I’d ideally like to partake in both, but I love that we have an option in play for those who’d like to (or can only) go about that in one fashion or another.


While I appreciate the livestream material, I find I like episodes, just as an episode, without all the bells and whistles (the Livestreams can be a bit distracting and exhausting for me). I think with a first viewing, the screener option will be a better fit for me. Allow me to better focus on the episode.

I can catch the livestream later, or just the Q&A

So yeah, thanks for giving me that option.


I agree. I just hope they have a sustainable business model that enables them to do this. But I really do love them for the gesture.


I’ll ask the question we’re all thinking but are too afraid to say: Does the site going public mean the end of White Dot?


Hah! Oh, wow, I didn’t even consider that one.

Yeah, that’s gonna be something of an obscure in-joke around these parts, huh?


Since I can so rarely catch the livestream anyway, I appreciate the option of being able to watch earlier in the day so I get to see it the day of release instead of a day or two afterward when everyone has already talked about the episode.


I find it a bit annoying as it’s a pain to stream to my tv. I’d much rather downloads right away.

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I mostly have concerns around long-term content availability. I tend to approach things with an archivist mentality, I don’t like things disappearing to the passage of time. (or the… unfortunate reality that sometimes people/businesses can’t always keep providing access to things).

I’m curious what the plan is going to be for downloads of the Live Events?
Is it going to be allowed at all, or limited to episodes one already has download rights to?

What about Tribute events? (What if I had a pass/ticket, but don’t own the episode of Manos, for example, would I still get to download the Tribute Event?)

For those of us with current Backer / Season Passes, when the pass expires, are we going to lose access to the live events replays that aired during that pass? (Like, in June of next year, after this pass has expired, am I still going to be able to watch (and/or download) the Manos Tribute? Or the episode premiere live events?)

And in regards to the Vault Picks…

…because they’ll only be around until May ends!

These have Synthia’s Selects and GizmoBlips. It really sucks having to guess you had to be there someone, and not being able to let them in on something you find value in. I’m hoping for some sort of archive or something in the Gizmopex, or… at least knowing that that content will resurface as things rotate over the years.[1]

Definitely things I’m curious about. :thinking:

  1. (72 VPicks a year, 162 S1-12 eps currently on there, so ~2.25yrs if there were no repeats, definitely opportunity for previous VPicks to rotate in again). ↩︎


I guarantee you we’ll be seeing White Dot again. The gods have heard us, I’m sure of it.


If there’s one thing MST3K is NOT known for, it is obscure in-jokes.


Heh, not in the least!

[reflects upon the theft of Mike’s keyboard]


Listen, everybody just calm down and watch out for snakes. We’ll be fine.


We should listen to Aquarius. A good plan would be something of a SWITCH jimmy smits


Aaaaand you won my interwebs" for the day…

I don’t think we should keep the White Dot secret in any way. We have witnessed the glory that is the White Dot, and we should share its most beautiful truth with all misties always.

[is it too late to ask for WD’s pronouns?]

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