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I have been downwind from it and you’re right.

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I was planning to go out to the park and see the local minor league team play… but then the rains fell. This is the second time I’ve been rained out of a game. And the weeks forecast is filled with the wet stuff, bummer.

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6 more outs and the Angels will not only sweep the home set but win a rare season series against Boston?

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Had to watch some videos today to understand what was going on in the top of the 10th yesterday at the Phillies game.

So, there are 2 new addendums to the pitch clock and they both came into play, and it required all 4 umpires to conference for 5 minutes to figure it all out.

If the pitcher comes set without making eye contact with the hitter the first one is a warning and after that it’s a ball each time.

If the hitter keeps a foot out of the batters box or doesn’t look at the pitcher it’s a warning and then a strike each time after.

Yesterday both pitcher and batter were gaming the system, pitcher got one warning, hitter got one warning, pitcher did it again and got a ball called. The confusion was why the hitter didn’t get a strike called when it seemed like he should have, but apparently even though there should have been a warning earlier it wasn’t issued.

I guess in the minor leagues they don’t try to game the system like they do in the majors, so none of these issues came up last year.

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I’m glad Vin Scully isn’t around to see this version of baseball


In regards to Gary, I won’t be shedding any tears.

Mets - well, well, well. It’s about time you woke up and put a hurtin’ on the Cubbies.

M’s are currently locked in a tie with the A’s, bottom of the 7th

Edit: and Mariners win! In the bottom of the 8th, the A’s intentionally walked Kelenic to load to basses. I get that Kel can be scary, but he was ice cold all night.

Next batter, they accidentally walk him and that brought in the winning run.

Logan pitched 8 wonderful innings, Sewald went 1, 2, 3 and your done in relief. Ty France hit 2 homers.

3-2 M’s


Ummm, I was told the Phillies sucked this year. I didn’t think we’d have to be fighting for a split. At least the Braves won the first game for Outkast bobble-head night

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No lead is safe in Denver - the Mets have come back from a six-run defecit to tie the Rockies (apologies to @LadyShelley).
The most embarrassing thing for the Mets before the comeback was when the rookie catcher Francisco Alvarez hit a triple, but started celebrating before time was called, lifted his hand off the bag and was tagged out. He later hit the 3-run homer that tied the game in the 6th.

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Something Rockies fans learnt in our very first game at Coors Field. Home opener. It went 14 innings with Dante Bichette hitting a walk-off HR to finally secure the win.

We’ve been leading games by what other teams would call a “safe” margin too many times to count only to lose, or take a nailbiter in extra innings.


Mets have a pulse, and here I counted them out.

Mariners had their revenge after being embarrassed last night. Luis Castillo struck out 10, as Mariners’ pitching fanned 17 in total. No HRs tonight, but we batted in 5 runs. Pirates came away with zip.

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And it was against the Mets.

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Welp, we’re back to blowing chunks.


Only 1 inning to take back the lead.

and that’s a big fat NO…, ah well, time for Creature Features. And at least one of my teams came through.

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Win some, lose some, lose some more.
Time for my Saturday night Columbo.


We won!!
Wow that doesn’t happen very often these days.

(sorry guys!)

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M’s tried to give it away, but got it back in extra innings. They are now sporting a 28-25 record.

SEATTLE (AP) — Eugenio Suárez hit a three-run home run in the 10th inning and the Seattle Mariners beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 6-3 on Sunday for their sixth win in seven games.

The Mariners took a 3-1 lead with the help of solo home runs by Julio Rodríguez and Cal Raleigh, but blew it in the eighth with an error and a wild pitch that allowed the Pirates to rally to a 3-all tie in the eighth. Suárez entered the 10th inning 0 for 3 before hitting his sixth homer, to deep left field off Robert Stephenson (0-3).

The once NL-leading Pirates have lost four of five and have not won a series in May.

Suárez’s 3-run homer lifts Mariners over Pirates 6-3 in 10 innings (usatoday.com)

So, they won that series but will have to face a stiffer test than Pitt and Oak, as the evil empire comes to town. (I mean those damned Yankees of course).

As for my other team… I don’t even want to talk about the sad, stupid Mets. Apparently, my rally cap ran out of its magic powers, and we came up short on the comeback.

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Not a good start for the Phillies tonight, starting pitcher can’t make it out of the first, down 7 before their first at bat. And then Schwarber hits a home run ball that is caught by a great jump at the wall.

And the radio broadcast has an odd echo or reverb to it tonight so I’ll probably be turning it off soon.

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Miami Marlins, another easy team to beat that the Angels make look like the 27 Yanks. Angels need to be where Bart is. Oh, and fire Nevin.

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After playing some halfway-decent ball against the Mets, The Rockies are back to their old ways against the Diamondbacks. The teams have completely opposite records, the Diamondbacks are 31 and 23 while the Rocks are 24 and 31. Not sure how much that matters. We have always had a block when it comes to Arizona.

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Mets vs. Phillies tonight. Ranger Suarez is on the mound for the Phillies with a 9.82 ERA in his first 3 starts this year, so of course the Mets are making him look like Cy Young so far tonight.


But we counter with the Senga supremacy - Yay!

Yankees are stomping on the M’s again. They embarrassed our young ace yesterday, today they are up 7-0. I think the Ms are decent but are just not a next level team. Local radio shows are right, this isn’t acceptable. Last year was great, unexpected. But we were all thinking they’d take a giant step forward in 2023 and that’s not the case. It’s the same old same old, sometimes entertaining, and you love the guys, but we dreamed too big.

This is the M’s reality.