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Phillies sweep the Cardinals at home in Philly for the first time in 20 years.

Aaron Nola gave up a hit to the first batter he faced but then didn’t give up any hits after that, he went 7 innings. Cards got 2 guys on in the 9th but didn’t score.

Cards are having their worst season, winning percentage-wise, since 1978. I was born a few years later, so I wasn’t around for that season. So this is the worst Cardinals season in my lifetime. There were bad teams throughout the '90s, but this team is even worse than that. One positive: with the advent of the draft lottery, they have a chance at the #1 pick!

@meshuggen8r - I’d high-five all of your Twins right now if I could. 13 innings and they got the win.

Minnesota has been Seattle’s best friend of late, and the M’s have done their part. First in the West, baby! 74 wins gives them the 3rd best record in the American League (Behind Balt & Tampa). :confetti_ball:

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Nice going full Meat Loaf against a team with your awful ex GM while that team is in shambles. Serves you right, Eppler.

:musical_note: Now, don’t be sad… :musical_note:

I’m stupefied as to how the Twins took 3 of 4 from Texas. Now I’m afraid they’ll lose at least two of three in the series against Cleveland to give them life. But that aside, congrats to your Mariners for moving into first place, @JakeGittes !! I figured the West would come down to Texas and Houston. But good on Seattle for making it interesting.

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Well, the Mets are playing the Rangers today, so it’s a chance for them to help out the Mariners if they can get their act together.

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And the Mets’ act remains in pieces.

Damn, yeah they let it go at the end.

Edit, and the Astros destroyed the Red Sox.

The Cardinals won a game! I don’t know whether to be happy or whether I want them to suck for the draft lottery.

Sometimes I hate being right.

Up next, a three-game rematch with the Rangers in Texas, followed by a three-game rematch with the Guardians in Cleveland. The stretch that could make or break the Twins’ hopes of winning the AL Central.

Looks like the Mets are about to throw away another lead against the Rangers, ahead by 1 in the 8th with the Rangers batting, bases loaded and no outs.

Mets and Mariners pull it out. Yay.

But the darn Red Sox just can’t figure out Houston.

Oh, and with 21 wins, this is the single greatest month in Mariner’s history, most wins in a month for the franchise.

Normally don’t root against the Mets, but…

And they have been giving the M’s the fits. Seattle managed a win and are now back in sole possession of first as the Astros lost.

Now I’m watching the Twins try to hold onto a lead in the 10th against the Rangers. Edit and phew… they (Twins) got it, but it was a nailbiter - Duran was a wild man on some of those pitches.

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It was a real nailbiter and at least the Mets didn’t embarrass themselves - I didn’t mind seeing the Mariners win.
Still can’t root for the Yankees, though, even against Houston.

I’m beginning to fear that the M’s peaked in August and that we might be returning to that 500 club we were in the first half of the season. I really didn’t expect to Mets to win that series, and the Reds just beat us. Our starting pitchers in the last 2 games were woeful.

Hope we can recapture the magic, but if not for the Astros and Rangers limping along as well, our stay at the top would have been short lived (we are currently tied with Hou who hammered Tex).

The Twins take the first two of a three-game series in Cleveland. They needed to win a minimum of two to enhance their chances of winning the Central, and have done so by a combined 28-9 margin. A sweep would be even better, and Joe Ryan starting tomorrow’s game means they have a chance at exactly that.

The Mets are in a rain delay. MLB Network would ordinarily be showing the Yankees (as usual), but since they’re also being delayed, they’re flipping around between games and having the studio hosts comment on what’s happening.
If the channel were just this, I’d like it much better.

Well, that’s been a rarity of late, M’s and Mets both win… so I have highlights to watch.

Seattle has been sinking, so this was a nice win at an opportune time. They’re now tied with the Jays for that wild card spot. A game and a half behind the Astros, who have lost a couple.

Phillies have managed to come back and tie up 2 of the last 3 games against Atlanta but have lost both in extra innings.

I still don’t like the zombie runner on 2nd, I’d rather have them end the games in a tie if they want games over quickly, first batter up getting a single and winning the game just isn’t baseball.

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Well with sixteen games left in the regular season, the Rockies are pretty much guaranteed to hit their first 100-game loss season. We are 52-92 and we only manage to win one out of every six games or so.

Needless to say, we have the worst record in the National League, though not the worst record in baseball. That dubious honor goes to the Royals (45-101) followed closely by the Athletics (46-99)