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Adam Wainwright finally got win 199 last night. If I wasn’t pregnant and thus trying to avoid COVID more than most people, I’d totally book a flight to St. Louis and get some tickets to Busch via SeatGeek and try to catch his possible 200th win. I actually have enough Southwest points that all I’d have to pay for my flight would be taxes and fees!

Watched the Mets beat the Diamondbacks again - they finally are playing a little better with nothing at stake, and the young guys coming up are promising.

The TV listings said that Fox TV was going to show the Yankees and Red Sox playing for last place tonight, but in a shocking move they’ve ditched that and are apparently showing the Rays and Orioles fighting for first place, so I’m going to reward them by watching for at least a while.

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What a surprise. My team goes full Simple Jack against worse teams like A’s and Tigers and get swept. Sick of this hare losing to tortoise act. FU, Arte.

The Dodgers are showing the Mariners that they are just not ready to play with the big boys… and now we’re no longer in the lead for that final wild card. I do hope we can sweep the A’s and then win the final series against the Rangers and Astros… prove their wild card worthy at the least.

Though, seriously, while nice, that’s not enough anymore. It’s World Series or nothing at this point. Take the next step, fellas. I’m not getting any younger.

With two weeks left in he season, the Rockies finally wake up and play baseball, winning five of their last six. I guess the threat of that 100-loss season was enough to spur them into action.

Happy retirement to Big Sexy. Thanks for the 2005 Cy Young when Moreno gave a damn.

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Johan Santana got cheated out of that Cy Young, but that’s a different discussion. :grin:

Yep, he was a beast on the Twins back then. Orlando Cabrerra should have has at least one other one besides hits 07 season on my squad instead of the usual Jeter.

Apologies to any Marlins fans here, but I got a huge kick out of seeing our backup 1st baseman pitch the last inning of tonight’s 16-1 Brewers post-season-clinching win. Rowdy! Rowdy! Rowdy!

Somebody had to win the AL Central. Might as well be the Twins. They actually have been hitting better of late, which helped them to pull away.

Of course, two of our most reliable relievers–Thielbar and Duran–couldn’t help but make it tense in the final two innings after the bats had broken the game open in the 7th.

Time to get people as healthy as possible, and actually win a postseason game this year!

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Mariners dropped the first game to the Rangers. They gotta win the next couple and take the series, no two ways about it. Then they have to win at least 2 out of 3 against the Astros. If they can’t do either, then they’re pretenders, not contenders.

checked the score and the Rangers swept the M’s… ‘sigh’

Up next the Astros - do or die Seattle.

I never get tired of this song.
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Amazing that they are getting the 3 Phillies games in this weekend with all the rain in the area.

Also amazing how things have changed since the first few months of the season, these last 2 weekend series against the Mets were looking to be way more important 4 months ago. Now they only matter in the sense that sweeping the Mets makes it easier for the Phillies to keep that top wildcard slot.

Mariners, 4th loss in a row. We’ve not only lost the top spot in the west, but now we’re throwing away the wild card.

It’s the end of the line for the Mariners

Seattle Mariners Eliminated From AL West, Wild Card Race to Cap Off Crushing Final Week (msn.com)

Damn Astros just refused to lose, and as much as I hate them, they deserve the slot, the M’s had their shot and couldn’t beat them in their last series.

But we had our moments, August was the most fun I had all season.

So, from here on out I’ll be rooting for the Twins in the American, and the Brewers in the National. Don’t like anyone else in the post season.

Edit - oh, and Mets had a double header sweep, nice. And they did it without Nimmo.


Rockies play the Twins today in the final game of our season. We’re 58-103 for the season, by far our worst season in team history, so a quick end would be nice. (I did say back in June we could forfeit everything for the rest of the season and save everyone the time and pain …)

As for the new rules now that the season is over, I guess the pitch clock works. Teams seemed to adjust to it. I still disagree with the premise the game had to be sped up. The whole point of baseball is it’s a slower-paced sport compared to football or hockey. TV execs getting their knickers in a knot is not a reason to mess with things in my mind. (add in the fact that ballparks have extended how long they sell beer because the games are faster just adds another grumble)

The phantom runner is obnoxious and just needs to go away. What a terrible idea.

Still not sold on the idea of robo-umpires. Are mistakes made? Yes. But that’s part of humans playing a human game. There is a review process in place, use that.

Ahh well. Four months until spring training, here’s to the 2024 season!

Buck was fired…

And the Mariners close out their season with a 1-0 win. They got some great pitching, and Suárez beat the throw to home for the only run in the game.

Seattle finishes the season with an 88-74 record.

Two straight losing seasons of the same record on a 9 seasons losing streak. Can you just fell the love from Moreno and Perry to the fanbase? Without Trout, they’re the exact same as Oakland.

But by all means, don’t sell the team.

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