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Wheeler looked great yesterday so I was very happy when they pulled him. Today is starting to get ugly

Watched the Mets lose again. The game was not without a few thrills, but if the Mets expect Severino to be their #2 or 3 starter they’re in serious trouble.
Plus they’ve had a tendency lately to pick up quite a few ex-Yankee personnel, which has always been distasteful for Met fans.
I’m also mainly there for Gary, Keith and Ron, though.

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A solid season debut from Joe Ryan. Two late doubles from Byron Buxton driving in a total of three runs. A great job by Christian Vazquez and Carlos Correa in throwing out Bobby Witt Jr. trying to steal. The Twins win 5-1 and move to 2-0.

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Watched the highlights, nice win. But you know, I prefer the old hat’s “M’s” with the slash at the bottom to the current M with star at the top.

I kinda hate the Astros, but it’s fun when they make the Yankees look like fools

M’s were in a battle, but it went into extra innings and now we’re down.

Oh, and it would be nice if these new players we brought in could actually do something other than ‘jack squat!’ - yeeesh, I know it’s early, but I’m missing some of the old gang already.


Edit - Holy shnikes, what a 10th inning. Pretty quiet all game, pitching duel, 1-1 score, then it looks like we were unraveling, allowed the Sox 2 runs. Buuuut we’re in the heart of the order, our classic M’s big guns, and they deliver - 3 runs in thrilling fashion

Mariner’s win! 4-3!

hey! The Rockies finally won! 9-4.

Woot! That’s right we are on a roll!

don’t spoil it for me. LOL!

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Agree 100%. Not a fan of the new look. And they won two World Series with the “M” hat. But it is what it is. I work about two blocks from Target Field so I see the current logo on signs quite a bit when I drive in.

Ouch, Minnesota, down 10 after 3.

Mets are closer, but losing after 5.

I remember reading that there was some concern coming into the season about the Brewers’ starting rotation.
The Mets have done a lot this weekend to allay those concerns.


At least they only gave up one run in the final five innings.

Rough one today, losing the series finale to KC 11-0. Bailey Ober didn’t fool anybody, being charged with eight runs in 1.1 innings, including giving up three homers. Kody Funderburk wasn’t much better, allowing two more runs as the first reliever and dropping a throw while trying to cover first base.

Bobby Witt Jr. was a double away from the cycle… after three innings. There’s something you don’t see everyday.

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Phillies manage to get a win and avoid a sweep at home to start the season.

Supposed to rain for the next 4 days, I wonder if they will be able to play any of the next series against the Reds.

Either the Brewers are very very good, or the Mets are very very bad.

Time will tell. But this was not a good opening weekend series to say the least.

At least my Mariners have a few wins. Hope we get a 3rd tonight. (but please, will our new bats wake up… it really sucks to see the former players like Kelenic and especially Eugenio, kicking tail with their new teams)

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Nice start to the season for the Brew Crew with the sweep of the Mets. With Stearns in charge of the Mets, I expect them to stop trying to ‘win the off season’ anymore, but it might take a couple of years to get the organization into good shape.

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Giving up 4 runs on one hit is never a good stat, especially bad in the top of the 10th. Phillies bullpen is not doing well so far.

Well The Rockies gave the Cubs fans a great home opener.


1-4 to start the season.

We are doing better than the Marlins. They are 0-5.


I don’t even know who Sean Manea is, but the Mets wasted a great outing from the man. We got, what, 5 hits from our batters, and the team went to hell in the 10th. Sigh, why Mets, why.

Sean Manaea’s one of the very good ex-Oakland pitchers strewn around the league, and I was glad to see the Mets get him. That was before it was known they wouldn’t be able to score any runs.

Mariners get another 1 run victory, but it shouldn’t have been that close - 2 guys thrown out at home… and Julio never should have gone for it in the first place, the 3rd base coach was telling him to hold up and he ignored him.

Despite that stupid stuff, we get the 5-4 win.

Brewers fans, today’s home opener may be the last time we hear Bob Uecker call any part of a game on the radio. Please plan accordingly.

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