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As a note that is the first time we have won a series since September.

Ha-ha! Words that are rarely spoken outside the Denver Metro. Long may it last. With this series we finally made it into the double digit win column.

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The Mets come back and at least win 1 against the Braves. And how sweet that Nimmo was the hero of the night, when he wasn’t even supposed to play. BTW, the “Windup Wilma” story/video was cute.

Hope you all had a happy Mother’s Day (my Ma has passed, but she was in my thoughts)

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Wheeler didn’t pitch well Sunday, so Phillies didn’t get another sweep.
Still not a fan of the zombie runner in overtime.

It’s part of their plan to turn MLB into Beer League.

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Phillies beat the Mets after Diaz blows the save in the 9th.

It’s those awful black jerseys, I tells ya.
Mets management won’t listen to me.

I had to work so didn’t get to see the end of the game, guess I’ll have to make sure to watch the 9th when it goes up on mlb dot tv

Oh. Mets why? You had them, and then…

But the Mariners win, and the Rangers lose, to give us a little more space at the top of the West with a 2-game lead. Can’t be unhappy about that!

The Mets’ offense continues to be anemic, managing only 4 baserunners in their loss today and none in the first 5 innings. They went out on just 3 pitches in the 7th.
And this after being no-hit for 8 and 2/3 innings the other day.

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Nola really bounced back from his last mediocre outing, throwing a complete game shutout.

Phillies have 30 wins already.

Fun story from last night, that got more fun today

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Mets-Phillies again. Diaz once more blows the save in the 9th, Mets limply fail to score the magic runner in the top of the 10th, and I think we can all see where this is heading.

LATER: Well, whaddaya know? Guess you can’t lose them all.

A disturbing trend continues, though, where Mets pitchers seem completely unconcerned with keeping runners on first base and they’re running at will, often stealing without a throw to 2nd. The Mets have allowed the most stolen bases by an enormous margin, not even close.
This happened several times tonight in the late innings and Mets pitchers got out of the situations with strikeouts, but that’s a highly dangerous way to live.

Anyone watch this yet?

No Yankees, no way, no how. Sorry.

Mets helped by the wildness… took me back to Randy Johnson’s “wild thing” days, lol. But I’ll take the win however it came to be.

Mariners’ relievers did the same thing a few days ago, where they threw away a magnificent starting performance from Logan. Thankfully they came through for Woo, the next day. Woo is looking good in his return from the IR, but just can’t give you more than 5, or part of 5 innings, so they have to step up for him, and they did.

M’s win another series - aside from looking awful against the Twins, they’ve been winning series after series… but now comes a tough road trip, first to Balt, then to NY to play the Yanks.

When ever that happens and the catcher is on one knee Larry Anderson on the radio goes off about it. He insists that they can’t move as well to get to those balls when on one knee, so they shouldn’t do it when there is a runner on 3rd.

Phillies defense was good up until this Mets series, seems like all 4 games in the home and home series were sloppy.

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That first wild pitch really made me think of Randy in his early days, where you’d be wondering where the hell he was going with that pitch. It was just… nowhere near to anyone (a catcher couldn’t do a thing in that situation). Still, you knew, if he could get some control, he was going to be a force to reckon with.

A sentence no one ever expected to hear:

The Colorado Rockies are the hottest team in baseball.

Yep. I’ll give you a few minutes to let that sink in. The Rox have won seven in a row. Swept the Rangers. Swept the Padres. And are now set to play the Giants this weekend. Finally baseball is fun to watch again.

A team doesn’t have to win every game. That’s completely unrealistic. But it’s nice that we are inching up to playing .500 ball.

and I hope I didn’t just jinx everything with this post!

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Well, it does cover their suck period. :laughing: Also a lot of mention of Winfield coming to my Angels so I had to see it for that alone. I remember that game against the Royals in the following season when he hit a cycle.

Yes, I also saw the recent documentary of that other one George sent to Disneyland.
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The Mariners got blasted, but at least we have hotdogs from Heaven, lol

The video…