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Tucupita, we hardly knew ye.
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So hypocritical to still be banning guys for betting when every other ad while watching or listening to a game is about betting on the game.


Mariners shutout the As (only 2 hits no BBs) for a 3-0 win, and a 2-1 series win. Extend their lead in the west to 5 against the Rangers, 7.5 against the Stros - nice.

Just another reason why I really don’t like Rob Manfred.

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This popped into my head and I made myself laugh:

Got a gambling problem? Call Rob Manfred.

Unless you are an MLB player, then shhhhhhhhh…

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The Rox were slowly creepy closer to .500 ball, and then the Reds came to town. Pasted us in two of three in our own yard. Ouch.

On and today’s Not-A-Surprise-To-Anyone news, Kris Bryant was put on the DL.



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GRRRR… when the Mariners score 7 runs in the first, add an 8th later for an 8-0 lead - you have an ace on the mound - then your ace closer - you don’t expect to lose in the 9th, 10 to 9.

This is so deflating - stupid stupid stupid (and the M’s left so many potential runs on the bases… should have run away with this, but 9 should have been more than enough with these pitchers)

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You must learn the mantra of the Rockies fan: No lead is ever safe until the last out is called.

Seriously, though. it sucks when your team has a meltdown like that.


Waiting to see the Mets on TV - it feels like a taste of the good old days - they’re in London, probably going to get blasted by the red-hot Phillies, but I’m still thrilled to see them on network TV… so, what does Fox do, but spend the past 25 minutes on the damned Yankees. :roll_eyes:

Games on, go Mets!

I had to turn off the pregame because it was all Yankees, all the time. In the part I saw, the extent that they talked about the Mets was to say that they should trade for all the Yankee players.
FOX’s coverage is awful, and I’m actually glad that the Mets aren’t on there more often, but that’s because I can still watch when they’re on SNY or ch. 11.
One thing that shows how bad this coverage is - they’re playing in a non-baseball stadium and there hasn’t been one word yet about the dimensions of this park.

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I love the size of the crowd. Don’t forget the Savannah Bananas are at Fenway tonight at 7 on YouTube!

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I was going to say the same about how they only talked about the NYC team they care about instead of the 2 teams playing in London.

Really hate that every time they say the Phillies are the best team they put in the disclaimer “by record”. Because they wouldn’t want to offend the damn Yankee fans.

I normally mute the TV and put on the Phillies radio guys, but the delay today is longer than usual, so forced to listen to the FOX audio.

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I think it’s more than that. MLB constantly tries to portray the Yankees as the Globetrotters with 29 versions of the Generals that only exist because the Yankees need someone to play against.
The narrative they’re telling is that the Yankees are the best team just because they’re the Yankees. So they get the most attention in MLB promotions and the most revenue (by far), and it becomes self-sustaining.

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well, that went to hell in a handbag right quick.

Merrifield? really?

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This happens any time a Denver team is on a national broadcast.

Rockies and Broncos, okay, at the moment neither team is particularly good. But the constant ra-ra for the other team with only an occasional, oh yeah these other guys are here too mention, gets annoying.

The Avs and Nuggets are two teams playing exceptionally well in their leagues. And it’s still ra-ra for the other team. And if they decide to remember Denver’s team is there too, it’s only to say how the other team does whatever better. :roll_eyes:

We get it. Denver is fly-over country, and you guys can’t even find it on a map, but the obvious bias gets so tiring.

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Banana time at Fenway on YouTube starting now!

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Mariners, you’re killing me… they tried to blow this thing, down to one out, and nope, gave up a homer. It went into extra innings, and we held on, but seriously, we should have won this series outright, but I’ll take this one since the Rangers won (and the Astros are winning) so we don’t lose ground.

I need to take one of my heart pills. lol

Edit: And I see the Mets pulled off the comeback - so that’s cool. One team came back, one team held on.

Holy, just saw the play, actually both my teams held on - what drama

British announcer Darren Fletcher’s call of the wild Mets-Phillies ending in London made it so much cooler (msn.com)

I see Luis Torrens limping there, did he get slid into after throwing the ball?

I just finished listening to the game - quite an ending. Torrens is OK now, as far as I can tell. Yes, the runner took him out after he threw the ball.

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