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Yikes, Cristopher Sanchez has been lights out up until this afternoon, he had a terrible game, got beat up by Cubs. Phillies lose big but win the series. On to Atlanta for the Phillies.

Phillies finding a way to maintain their best in the MLB record even with 3 big names on the IL.

The 4-game losing streak is over for the Mariners, the bats FINALLY come alive - it was thrilling but dang it, the Astros are only 2 games behind you… the M’s really need to figure this out, these cold snaps with an occasional hot game if for the birds.

This has become my favorite baseball story that hasn’t been told by Robert George Uecker. The fact it involves the Chicago Cubs, one of the few teams in pro sports I hate, makes it even better.

Rick Sutcliffe gave up back-to-back HRs in Cincinnati. In Cincinnati, they shoot off fireworks after a Red hits a HR. Sutcliffe was pretty intense on the day he pitched. So Eric Davis takes him deep, then Paul O’Neill takes him deep right after that. Sutcliffe is mad, and pitching coach Billy Connors comes out to the mound.

Sutcliffe yells at him “I know I gave up back-to-back home runs, but get your ass back in the dugout and tell Zimmer to settle down too!”

Billy looks at him and said “I know you have everything under control, Rick. I just wanted to give that guy running the fireworks a little more time to reload.”


Yesterday -

M’s Luis Castillo’s 200th start, pitches a great game for the win. Our 2 runs came after a reversed call (an out on first that wasn’t an out… but only just). 2-0 win, but the darn Astros won and stay close (2 back). Twins had a big 9th against them, but it wasn’t enough.

Mets? I don’t even want to talk about the Mets.

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I’m not sure if I’ve got the stomach to watch the Braves tonight. We seem to be cratering

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2 bad starts in a row for Ranger Suarez, last time gave up 6 runs, this time gives up 5 to the Braves.

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Not going to be a good day when your new rookie pitcher that has done so well starts the game with 7 balls, walking the first 2 batters. He didn’t make it out of the 2nd, Phillies down by 5 already.

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Not sure how many of you are stuck in this Bally vs Comcast BS but there’s an app called Dofu Sport where you can watch the games — I have no idea how it exists. Funny thing, though… if I listen to the regular radio broadcast, we usually win. If I watch on the app, we usually lose. Be careful!

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Woot the Rox have taken two from the Royales. could they? might they? Sweep?

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In yesterday’s game the Mets broke a scoreless tie in the top of the 8th. The Pirates took the lead in the bottom of the 8th, but the Mets regained the lead in the top of the 9th and won.

The last time that happened between any two National League teams was in 1921.

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The Mets’ bullpen gave up 5 runs in their 2 innings, but the offense had scored enough runs that they still won and got back to .500.
They’ve traded for Phil Maton from the Rays, so maybe they’re starting to rebuild the bullpen.

Of the 24 MLB players with the highest WAR, the only one not invited to the All-Star Game is Francisco Lindor.
He’s ranked tenth. Some of the players below him are starters.

Phil Maton came into today’s game for the Mets and pitched a 1-2-3 inning just like a real major league reliever, something they haven’t seen too much of lately.
Ottavino, who’s been having a lot of trouble, came in for the 9th and loaded the bases but got out of it without allowing a run.
This gave the Mets their first (!) shutout of the year and puts them in the 3rd wild card spot.

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Ah, Nimmo was just a foot or so away from his 4th HR in a row (game wise)… got a 3 run double later, so that was nice.

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Man, I hate west coast games that start here at 9:40. I’m sure you hate a 1:05 Eastern start time, but I’m old!

I always hated that too when I lived back east. The nice thing about east coast day games here in the west is that with MLB[.]TV I can replay the game later and skip the commercials (which are inserted by MLB and are 75% promos for the Yankees.)

Phillies sweep the Dodgers, they haven’t done that since 2011.


And the Mariners got a shut-out too, as the team with the lowest batting average (as announcers like to point out before each game, lol) scored 11 runs, with another switch hitting 2 HRS from Cal Raleigh (he did this a few days ago as well, homered to the right - switch - homer to the left side of the stadium).

That was his 19th, which ties him for 12th with former teammate Teo Hernandez (boy, would I like to have him back on the team, instead of that FA dud, Garver)

A one-run win for the Mets tonight after the bullpen, including Diekman, nearly blew it.
Diekman needs to be DFA’d two weeks ago.


Yeah, he’s bad for my heart.

Speaking of which, Mariners blew it in the 10th, just gave up a homer to lose after they had a 5-4 lead. And of course, the damned Astros refuse to lose. So, we’re down to a single game lead in the west. We’re going to blow it, I just know it, and stupid HOU going to be in the playoffs again. Can we not be rid of those ‘bleeps’? Astros, Yankees, do me a favor and just be bad for a decade or two.

A strike right down…
New York it’s always Broadway
Atlanta it’s Peachtree

Watching the game on Fox and I’ve only been to San Diego once. What street do local announcers use?

Geez, I lived in Chicago for 4 years and I don’t remember what they use… Michigan Ave?

What does your team use?

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