Letters to MST3K

During the Comedy Central era episodes and the revival, I liked when Joel or Mike and the bots got letters mailed in by fans for them to read.

Some of them were from children and some were adults. I noticed quite a few handwritten letters done, drawings and even a wedding invitation.

Sadly, I never sent any letters into the show to be read.

I also heard some say those letters were “fake” in that the cast & crew simply asked others to write letters that they could present on the show as being mailed in by fans. Was this true?

Did you ever send a letter, etc into MST3K that was read during the show? What did you think of all the fan letters?


During the first kickstarter, there was much hay made of a little girl all grown up who was in a band now who had mailed in a letter which had been read during the original run of the show.


I sent a fan postcard once, I think. It never got read, but in The Beginning Of The End, they show an Earl Hines postcard which is from the same collection I sampled. Hey, I was almost cable-famous. :musical_keyboard:


I believe the intrepid Captain Dolphin, who has been spearheading the postcard exchange and several meet-ups, once had one read?


The “Sam Litzinger” mentioned during the letter segment of episode 109 Project Moon Base is now a CBS anchor.

There’s also Teresa Dietzinger who found the lost host segment to episode K15 Superdome who had her letter read on the show, and later became a fashion designer… I think. She’s been inactive on Facebook for years.


Wow…I can’t think of anything to say.


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