Library and Browse Suggestion

First of all, thanks to everyone involved for how easy it was to get into the Gizmoplex and start viewing episodes, both through my Roku app and on the website.

I do have one suggestion regarding the Library and/or Browse screens. I would like to have a place where I can view all of the episodes I have in my Library regardless of where I got them from. Ideally, those episodes would also show as unlocked in the Browse screen, so I won’t have to flip back and forth between the screens when looking for episodes I might want to purchase to complete my library.

If you guys are already planning or working on a feature like this, great! Just add a +1 next to it on the sticky note for me.


Along the same lines, the My List functionality seems to be very restricted. I’d like to make a list of my favorite episodes. It seems that you can only add clips from the browse. There is no option to add the films from existing packages, on Roku nor Android.

I think “Browse” should be re-named “Browsedower.”


You can still watch from the browse screen if you bought it in a bundle. Just click through to the episode and you can watch it, even though the rent/buy buttons are there.


Finally created a forum account to come here and say exactly this. I like that it feels familiar, but here are a few UI improvements that really will be vital. Right now its a bit frustrating to navigate.

  1. Show a section that is only the items I own.
  2. Show a section dedicated just to the monthly rotation vault episodes.
  3. I like the ability to browse by season, please add some kind of indicator on the main page if I own the episode.
  4. Add an indicator on the main screen if I have watched an episode.

Appreciate the work of everyone, and really excited for what this can become.


Thanks for the info, I did not realize that. It will certainly help a bit, but I would still like to know before I even click if I have the episode or not. I am sure they will implement that feature sooner or later.


I’ll echo all of the great suggestions made above.

I would also love to have an easy way of buying an entire season of the show. At the moment, it appears as if you can only buy or rent individual episodes? If I click on a season, I’d like to see a button that would allow me to buy all of its episodes. (And, ideally, there’d be a discount associated with buying them as a set.)

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Just a quick note to confirm that the Gizmoplex Virtual Theater WILL give you a TON of additional options for browsing, searching, and filtering your entire collection without needing to go into individual products and collections one at a time.

More responses to the other suggestions to come. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. I just wanted to point out that it’s more usable than it appears.

Also, I agree completely. There should be better signalling about what I do and don’t own already, and it definitely shouldn’t be asking me to buy/rent episodes I already own.


I also joined this forum exclusively to request that it be clear from the browsing seasons menu which episodes I already own. This would improve my experience tenfold. Thanks so much!