Live streaming riffing show on November 12!

Hey y’all! A couple weeks ago, some friends of mine from my improv troupe wrote and produced a live riffing show. It went really well, but it was limited to the audience that was able to come to our central Jersey home base. Well, we decided to do it again, but this time, we’re gonna stream it. It’s Friday, November 12, and 9 PM Eastern. Link is below if you wanna check it out.

Riff-Raff: A Live Movie Riffing Experience | Facebook

Also, as a little teaser, here’s a riff we did last year:

DBI Riffs: Dating Do’s and Don’ts - YouTube


Is the random selection of shorts going to be a secret until showtime?

I’ll share a listing once we nail down exactly what we’re doing. Trying to settle on what the final short will be.

Just a reminder for anyone interested that this is this evening at 9 eastern. The shorts we will be doing are:

-How Do You Know It’s Love?
-What Mr. Bell Had In Mind
-Coney Island
-Television Tomorrow
-Dating Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re free, head on over to YouTube tonight and check it out! It’s funny and it don’t cost nuthin’!


This’n t’link:

The fellow describing the iconoscope says it has a million sensitive electric eyes. Then he says that the TV signal sends 4 million impulses a second. Film had it wrong. You don’t need 24 frames per second to fully experience a sword fighting scene or a big dance number. Four is plenty.