Live Tour VIP questions

Mr wyswysia and I will be enjoying our 2nd live show and 1st VIP experience this fall (see you in Madison!). Questions for previous VIPers or others in the know… Will there be different t-shirt options available or should I resign myself to drowning in a standard adult large? (I really want to be able to wear it! cough women’s medium or adult small cough) Are you given the swag before or after the show? Does the early entry time allow for MSTie mingling? Please fill me in on the details so we can make the most of our experience. Thanks much!

Here’s my experience:

T-Shirts are not included in swag - posters, bags, stuff like that, nothing that needs to be sized.

Swag and meet-and-greets generally before the show

Yes, there is mingling time, you’re usually waiting out in the lobby or outside for a considerable time. Dress warmly!


I just got a VIP Meet & Greet ticket to the show in Denver on January 10th. This is around the same time two years ago I got a VIP ticket to see the Cheesy Movie Circus tour and meet Joel. However, I did not get a ticket in time to be sent an email with the proper details regarding the VIP Meet & Greet. How can I make sure I get an email sent to me before the show with VIP details?

From what I’ve seen on other tour threads, people have been sent additional information a few days before their show. I haven’t gotten anything yet, but I’m expecting to early next week.

We got the details for the VIP Meet & Greet for the 2019 New Orleans show the day of the show! It was stressful all of us constantly frantically checking our spam folders to see if we missed the email…

I got an email a day before with instructions on when to get to the venue and a survey asking what shirt size I would like so they could have it ready at the show.

Once at the venue I showed my Id and ticket to the people got my VIP badge. A little in they had the merch booth then across from it was a table set up where you could pick up your VIP bag + shirt. Sadly they did not have XL so I had to email Future beats for a shirt. They just got back to me a month later since it seems they’re really backed up ^^;


Oddly enough I got two emails- one on the 30th and one Monday (I was at last night’s show) plus I got a text message yesterday morning. As mentioned they came from On Location | Future Beat, not from the venue or MST directly.