Log into same account in the app on multiple devices?

My partner and I are logged into our account in the app on our Roku. My dad is interested in watching the new season but is not very tech-savvy, so I was thinking next time I visit, I would log him into our account on the Roku he and my mom have. Is this possible, or will I have to get him his own Gizmoplex account? If we try to watch an episode at the same time, will it explode?

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It should be. I’m logged into multiple Rokus/Apple devices (in my own house).

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I actually literally just came here to ask the OPPOSITE question.

We were staying at an AirBnB yesterday, and I downloaded and logged into the MST3K app there - but forgot to log out when we left.

I don’t see an option to log out of all devices anywhere on my profile.

How can I accomplish this? I don’t want someone else buying episodes with my stored credit card!

@Lesley , @ivan ?


As per this Gizmoplex help article:

"You can only watch content on a limited number of devices at once. You will see a message indicating you are watching on too many devices if our systems register that you are logged in with the same credentials on more devices than we allow.

You can resolve it by logging out of a single device to lower the number of concurrent sessions, or by clicking Manage devices > Confirm."


Because you don’t see an option to log out of all devices, I would recommend sending an email to gizmoplex@mst3k.com explaining the particulars of your situation.


You could change your password.

My question is similar to the op.
I’m logged into multiple devices in my own house.
I may start watching on my iPad then switch over to the app on my AppleTV device.
If I then go into the bedroom to try and watch on my Rokutv I get the too many devices message.
So how many is too many and why are we not able to watch on more then two devices in the same house on the same wifi?