Login on smart TVs

When we create an account, we are asked to create complex passwords. On a PC. Then logging in on a smart TV, has the password hidden, and we are typing with a remote control. Maybe let us see our password so we can see if we typed it right. So we don’t have to do it 6 times. Like I did.


On the Roku app, at least, you have the activate-this-device-by-visiting-a-web-page-on-your-PC option.

While I think we’ve all felt your pain at one time or another, I question this:

Six characters? No number, upper/lower case or symbol requirement?

It could literally be “poopie”. (Probably don’t do this.)

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I mean in general. internet protocols say make a complex password. I have a system to make 50year passwords. Easy to remember for me, hard to crack for hackers.

So I make an easy to remember hard to crack password for this site, then am expected to type it into a smart TV without being able to see it using a remote control… It was challenging (impossible)

So I changed it to something much simpler. that any hacker could guess in 10 minutes. which begs the question why do we need a password if it has to be simple?


I don’t know about direct hookups to a smart TV, but it took one cheap adaptor for me to add wireless mini-keyboard control to my Fire TV Stick. Not exactly this model, but something similar for about 15 quid. Also useful for searches in YouTube etc.

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I use a remote control app for my Samsung smart tv on my phone, and it allows me to type on my phone keypad and transmit it to the tv. So maybe that option is available to you.

I just looked it up, there are no keyboards that work with a roku tv. BUT there is a phone app that has a keyboard, so I am going to try that.

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You’re definitely right: Generally, the whole thing is a mess, and I too have a system that makes it easy for me to remember a password but hard to crack.

With some things, like streaming services, I ask myself “What does it matter if this gets ‘hacked’?” Are there really random hackers trying to get into my Gizmoplex account, and so what if they do? (I don’t have any financial info…well, I try not to have any anywhere…)

It seems to me that there are two or three general levels of security: You have a lock on your front door to keep someone from accidentally walking in, and maybe you have a security door if you think someone might just knock the door in. But if someone skilled is determined to get in, you probably don’t want to live with the level of security required to pose a challenge.

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