Longtime MSTK3000 fan needs some cheering up

Hey Everyone! My buddy Joe is a longtime, die hard fan of MST3K. He’s seen virtually every episode, he’s attended live shows and turned myself and other friends on to it as well. He’s going through a really tough time, both parents are very sick, mom’s going through chemo and he’s really down right now. He’s not on social media, but he’s a really good person and a good friend. I was trying to figure out something that would cheer him up.

Is it insane to try and get one of the characters from the show to send him a funny video message or voicemail? I’m just kinda seeing if my idea is totally silly or not. I’m just trying to find a way to cheer him up. Thanks!


Welcome to the Forums! I’m very sorry to hear about your friend’s bad times. There are several folks from the production that pop by, so hopefully your request will reach them.


From your Local Friendly Mod Team™:

This thread is under review by the Forum’s Higher Functions. But if your friend is able and interested, they’re more than welcome to join us here at MSD3K for good times and friendly folks!

Thanks much!


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