Looking for advice on Vincent Price movies for a Halloween marathon

Hello! My wife and I have a Halloween season tradition of watching a themed marathon of monster/scary/suspenseful movies over the course of a weekend. This year, I successfully lobbied for a Vincent Price theme, after we enjoyed “The Tingler” on the Mads live riff.

I am a fan of Vincent Price, but admittedly I’ve only seen a few of his films. Would any more well-educated fans of his be able to weigh in how this list of movies looks? I’ll take other suggestions on movies of his, but keep in mind I am very squeamish and a huge wimp when it comes to gore in horror films. I’d also take advice on if this would be a good flow of movies, thematically speaking. I want a good variety but it’s tough to avoid too much Poe on one day! :slight_smile:

Day 1:
The Fly
House on Haunted Hill
House of Usher
The Abominable Dr. Phibes

Day 2:
House of Wax
The Raven
The Pit and the Pendulum
The Masque of the Red Death


I’m guessing you’re not looking for the goofiness of The Son of Sinbad? :slight_smile:


The Last Man on Earth is my favorite of his films. I also enjoyed Tower of London (1939) quite a bit, though his role is a bit smaller in that one. Also, if you’re looking to break things up in terms of genre, The Great Mouse Detective is always a good time.


Huge Vincent Price fan. If you’re looking for some of his more obscure work that are worth watching, I recommend checking out:

The Haunted Palace (1963)
Technically named after an Edgar Allen Poe poem, this is straight up Roger Corman and Vincent Price doing H. P. Lovecraft. Specifically, an adaptation of The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. It’s done in a similar style to Corman’s other Poe movies, but it actually plays a bit more like a Hammer flick. It’s one of my favorite unsung horror movies, and I believe the very first Lovecraft adaptation and appearance of The Necronomicon on film.

Tower of London (1962)
I actually sort of want to see them do this one on MST3K since it’s such an oddball. It’s basically Roger Corman doing Richard III, filtered through Hamlet and Poe, as a horror movie. The closest thing I can compare it to is his film The Undead, which has a similar mix of almost-but-not-quite Shakespearean dialogue, blocked like a stage play where the characters occasionally turn and give asides to the camera, and where several of the horror elements are played almost for comedy. Like I said, it’s a strange animal, but one that’s well worth seeing if you’re looking for something that isn’t part of the Poe cycle.


I have to agree with Fall of the House of Usher. It’s my favorite Poe tale (and I’m a huge Poe fan) and Price is excellent in it.


This isn’t quite what you’re looking for, but this was always a personal favorite: Creepy Classics, a half-hour compilation of spooky old film clips and trailers, hosted by Vincent Price.

If you’re looking for a feature-length film that isn’t too heavy on gore, try The Monster Club. It’s an anthology film where Vincent Price appears in the framing narrative. It’s been some time since I’ve seen it, but I don’t remember it being that bad on gore. If you have any doubts, you can always check the Parents’ Guide section for the movie over at the IMDB.



Additionally, it might be worth checking out The Comedy of Terrors (1964), which is (as it says on the tin) a straight-up horror comedy starring the great line-up of Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Basil Rathbone, and Boris Karloff. If you’ve seen The Raven (1963) and The Black Cat segment of Tales of Terror (1962) , you pretty much know what to expect when Price and Lorre both turn the hamminess up to 11. Here, Price plays a wonderfully surly drunken undertaker and Lorre an inept love-struck coffin maker, who are tired of waiting around for people to die… and do their best to remedy that situation.


For people who have seen the movie, did you know that Richard Matheson actually wrote a sequel called Sweethearts and Horror? Sadly, Peter Lorre died before it could be filmed, and since Comedy of Terrors didn’t do particularly well at the box office (and nobody but Lorre can do Lorre) it was shelved and never made. You can find it in Visions Deferred, a collection of unfilmed Richard Matheson screenplays, which also includes the version of I Am Legend (which later got adapted as The Last Man on Earth) that he wrote for Hammer, but couldn’t get past the censors at the British Film Board.


Just a +1 for Comedy of Terrors.

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How about House of the Long Shadows?


Theater of Blood is grisly fun.

Will I get kicked off the forum if I suggest “Laura”?

Great suspense/thriller/mystery which shows Vinnie the P before his monster movie days, when he was a bland second banana to the likes of Dana Andrews. By the time you get to his last feature, Edward Scissorhands, he was scene-stealing from Johnny Depp.

Even less appropriate, I suppose, would be Leave Her To Heaven, where he’s second banana to Cornel Wilde.

Look, I just love Gene Tierney, okay?


I love The Tingler because it had such a goofy creature. It was one of those movies that were released that were supposed to have the seats vibrate when the monster showed up. Pure cheese.


Ol’ Vince played a pivotal role in Beach Party.


Ha, well I did include “The Raven” so I’m not opposed to it!


My wife loves that movie, we named our dog after the dog in that one :slight_smile: If we finish early, that might be an extra film we add on at the end of the weekend!

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These are all excellent suggestions, I probably have enough to do a second Vincent Price marathon in the future. Maybe just one of his horror comedies, from the looks of it!

Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

It is good, goofy fun with its catch theme song, its animated titles (done by Art Clokey of Gumby fame) and its wacky plot.

Seriously, I’m shocked that MST3K never did this one.


Granted MST3K did try to avoid riffing comedies for the most part.

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It’s a really fun movie, and too campy to be considered truly gory. Plus, fencing on trampolines, how can you go wrong? :person_fencing:

There are titles on this list I haven’t seen that I’m going to look for now (particularly the horror comedies, because that’s just my current mood), so thanks for making this thread!


Was going to be my first suggestion as well. Very enjoyable, and the most true adaptation of I Am Legend of all the films so far.

Love this film, definitely should be included if you are allowing film noir suspense.

It’s a shame there was never a film adaptation with Price of the audio drama Three Skeleton Key. It’s vintage Vincent.


How about some Phantom Manor ride narration that Vincent Price did?