Looking for an artist for a tarot deck I'm creating

Not sure if this is okay so if it needs deletion feel free.

I’m no artist but I need one. Tarot decks are very lucrative and this one will fill a niche that has little or no representation. I am not paying but we’d both be getting paid once it’s published and I have a friend who will help me with that part. It will take time. You don’t need to know anything about tarot because I’m writing and creating it and I can already see many in my head. It’s based on A Christmas Carol which is out of copyright so I’m looking for that 19th century style you see in illustrated versions and all artists have their own spin on things. I have a couple of people who are busy right now but I can still look around.


I no longer need an artist since my new friend is one and I’m working on my proposal! Couldn’t delete the topic myself.

No need to delete it. I can close it for you if you like.

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Thank you!

Topic closed at OP’s request