Looks like our new host arrives today!


And see, as I decode that message, “the crew” means Jonah and the bots still at this point. Meaning Jonah is still the host.

“Meanwhile” which means while Jonah and the bots are watching/hosting tonight’s movie –

A “new test subject” meaning Emily is “trapped in the Simulator of Love” – so not yet in the theater on board the Satellite of Love itself, therefore not the host (yet).

We shall see . . .

This is how I read it as well.

Though if I’m wrong, I’ll be fine with it.

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The “Simulator of Love” sounds like virtual reality to me. That would make Emily the Virtual host. Given that everyone will be watching virtually from the Gizmoplex, then that makes the virtual host in a virtual environment the actual host. Therefor, I submit that Emily is the actual host (in a virtual sense), while Jonah is the pale imitation that should actually be known as the virtual host.


Well, when they revealed that Emily would be the second host this season, they also said that Jonah and Emily would be trapped in different locations. I’m guessing that means she’s going to be in the Simulator of Love all season, pending any unforeseen plot developments.

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Maybe it will be a “very special episode” where Jonah and the bots riff the movie in the theater on The Satellite of Love, while Emily and her animatronic bots do the host segments in the Simulator of Love.

We won’t have to wait long to find out!

Do not tempt the powers of White Dot like that!


To me (in one of the earlier new episodes on here), it sounded like Kinga would have more than one Simulator of Love, so we might have additional hosts beyond just Emily & Jonah.