Magic and Invention Session with Joel - any details available?

I signed up for the online Magic and Inventions session with Joel. The only information I’ve received so far is that it is scheduled for Saturday, January 15th. I don’t have time or cyberlocation or anything else. Is he coming to spend the day at my house? Tell me he’s coming to spend the day at my house!

…or tell me less exciting but more pertinent information, if anyone knows. Thanks!


I read that the class will be live-streamed (from the Oct 29th update) so I hope your internet connection is strong enough to broadcast when Joel shows up at your house. Which box will you volunteer to go in first, the one where he’ll make you disappear or the one where he’ll cut you in half?


We’re actually going to email everyone this week, because Joel requested to postpone the class till we’ve finished shooting the season, so he can put more time into preparing his talk. We’ll likely be rescheduling for April.


We’re watching you, funny man (Joel). Any date in April before the 2nd will receive the highest of scrutinies. If you could see us, we’re doing the thing where we point at our eyeballs and then at yours. Dig? And none of this Ides of March falderal either. :upside_down_face:


Thanks, Ivan! I appreciate the update.

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Why choose! I want him to make both halves disappear.