#MakeMoreMST3K Backer Collection Question

Yesterday I received my email to redeem my Make More MST3K Backer Collection 1&2. This had a link to “log in and claim it.” When I do so I’m taken to a page with 2 links to cut and paste to claim my episodes - one for collection #1 and one for collection #2. I already had a VHX account and when I followed the first link I had no issues and the MadeMoreMST3K Collection was added. But when I followed the second link it told me the code was already redeemed. Am I missing something? Is there not a second collection of episodes? I can’t imagine why I would have received 2 codes for the same set. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Maybe collection number 2 will be released today?

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I had the same issue. I sent an email to them to ask if I somehow bought the same thing as an add-on that was included in the $150 package I pledged. I fear it might have been human error at least in my case.


I believe it was just a wonky way they have the redemption codes set up. I was confused as well as there are 2 codes but all 21 episodes and the future 20 shorts are in one location on the VHX site. See below for my VHX listing.

I also got this from another members post:

Here’s how it’s listed on the Backer Survey:

Want to make sure your rewards include the MST3K BACKER COLLECTION (10 classic episodes) or DELUXE COLLECTION (20 classic episodes), all hand-selected by Joel for this campaign, plus TWENTY CLASSIC SHORTS and the hard-to-find episode QUEST OF THE DELTA KNIGHTS? Now they can!

The #MadeMoreMST3K BACKER COLLECTION includes:

  1. Episode 304 - Gamera vs. Barugon
  2. Episode 310 - Fugitive Alien
  3. Episode 512 - Mitchell
  4. Episode 513 - The Brain That Wouldn’t Die
  5. Episode 603 - The Dead Talk Back
  6. Episode 523 - Village of the Giants
  7. Episode 612 - The Starfighters
  8. Episode 622 - Angels Revenge
  9. Episode 813 - Jack Frost
  10. Episode 1006 - Boggy Creek II

The #MadeMoreMST3K DELUXE COLLECTION includes all of the above, plus…
11. Episode 202 - The Sidehackers
12. Episode 204 - Catalina Caper
13. Episode 316 - Gamera vs. Zigra
14. Episode 318 - Fugitive Alien II
15. Episode 501 - Warrior of the Lost World
16. Episode 609 - The Skydivers
17. Episode 620 - Danger!! Death Ray
18. Episode 816 - Prince of Space
19. Episode 820 - Space Mutiny
20. Episode 822 - Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

PLUS, get even more classic downloads unlocked through Kickstarter Bonus Challenges:
22. You also get 20 CLASSIC MST3K SHORTS!

___ PLEASE NOTE: This BACKER Collection is ALREADY included with the EXPERIMENT 150 pledge level, and the DELUXE COLLECTION is includes with all pledge levels at EXPERIMENT 250 and above.