#MakeMoreMST3K Weekly Update, 8/30 - 9/3: REWARD SURVEYS ARE LAUNCHED!

Surveys have gone out! That’s the big news. The Pennsylvania-based crew took a weather hit, but they’re all safe. Read about this and more in today’s weekly update!


Glad everyone is okay after the storm. What a way to test drive the new offices!

Production is coming along, getting exciting!

Nice to meet Sarah. I can do the same thing with actor voices (and their eyes). I usually spend part of a show or movie going “I know that person. How do I know that person?” drives my husband nuts.


We have until the 17th not the 12th to complete the Backer survey?

Sweet, my bank balance won’t be depleted completely then!

Especially as now ANOTHER limited shop has opened I need to order from

Why ya’ll do this to me?

Glad everyone is safe after Ida!


Stoked for my hoodie!

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Nice to meet you Sarah.

And glad your all safe.

A thread I started was mentioned on the update, cool beans. I’m honored.

I do have a ? what’s become of Best Brains, are they gone as a name, and entity, has Alternaversal replaced that? Or are they two separate things?

EDIT - ah typos, sorry, I’ve been misspelling all over the forum. For some reason neither spellcheck or Grammerly are no longer working for me here (I’m still logged in, and it works elsewhere, so I dunno. But I’m going to look dumb until it kicks back in)

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It’s super exciting when you’re thread gets a backer shout out!!


I can’t be the only one who’s trying to guess the movies based on Beez’s bot costumes.

Gypsy’s got a bit of a Kolchak vibe going on, but I’m guessing it’s probably something else.

The first photo looks early 60’s to me, especially given the Jackie O pillbox hat, but I’m not recognizing the costumes from anything. Possibly waitresses or a girl group of some kind.

The middle one is the most intriguing. Crow definitely looks like something straight out of a 70’s Italian sci-fi movie. I thought it might be War of the Robots (which features a lot of gold lame jumpsuits), Star Odyssey, Cosmos: War of the Planets, Wild, Wild Planet, War Between The Planets, or The Humanoid, but it’s none of those, so I’m drawing a blank, especially when you throw in what looks like a purple cape.

Anybody else recognize any of these costumes from a riffable movie?


My first thought was why are they dressing like Jackie O? The pillbox hat, the pink, but the style of the clothing, that’s different, what with that gold pattern on the sides - it doesn’t ring any bells as a movie reference.

It’ll be fun to see them when the episodes are shown and go, “oh that’s what that was”

Whatever they are, they look fantastic. Great work as ever Beez.

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Crow’s costume has got a weirdly cut neckline, but that’s probably just so that it can clear his beak.
They’ve got similar costumes, but completely different hairstyles, which makes me think it’s going to be some sort of girl group/sister act or waitress type uniform.
I already checked and made sure that none of the Mothra twins wore an outfit like that.

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I totally thought Kolchak too, when I saw Gypsy.

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210903 mst13


ok, my first try at the forums… promise, i’ll try not to potty it up too much. my apologies tho cuz i ran on wayyyyy too long here…

all in for season 13 (“MOON 13!!”)… can’t wait to see the fun coming up! that being said (and, oh god, i hate that phrase-ology)… things i hope to see from the upcoming season(s):

  • i’d been recently rewatching s11, and although the new crew got better at it as they went along, they were obviously filming the SOL-to-moon13 ‘interactions’ (or lack thereof) months apart (or direction - sorry to be so pointed about it ;). i think of jonah in the first ep “reptilicus”, right off the bat, coming back from moon-13 just cold-playing, “huh… says here we gotta do an invention exchange…” came off so disconnected. and it continued like this thru pretty much the whole season, and a good amount into s12… c’mon, crew; you can do better than that!

off the top of my head, i remember in the early days, a cam-bot close-up of a very sleepy-eyed joel going “oh, c’mon, you guys didn’t invent anything,” back at the mads… now -that- was funny! direction for INTERACTION between the SOL and moon13… you know you can do it!

  • a return to the ‘three-skits’ format (and -longer- duration-skits than were thought up for s11/12)… hey, i know it’s hard to think up -three- good breaks per ep, without repeating past gold (don’t think it wasn’t noticed, even back the joel/mike days!)… hey, there’s probably always gonna be a bit of a dud-one per ep. but, then there’s always gonna be people that -liked- that -one- extra bit that seemed a little on the lame side (recent “mindless summer” ep of “catalina caper”, where everyone was so jazzed to see frank get a long bit - plus, i only realized for the first time, that it tied into the end pre-credits bit… it’s hidden gold, for the future (and you’re already playing off of repeated bits, so why hide it?)

  • but, relatedly… DON’T TRY SO HARD! (or at least, “pretend you’re not doing it”…) i’m thinking of s12, when kinga got all like, “we have to replicate the success of ‘every country has a monster!’” -that- was a little TOO on-the-nose, wasn’t it? (even with her gung-ho marketing savvy, that should have been a buried-bit-to-revive-another-season-or-two-later skit, perhaps?)

  • i think that the ‘mindless summer’ review of previous eps has brought this kinda thinking to the fore; can’t remember which one i watched the other night, but seemed like the re-riffing crew were going on one time about, ‘how come we don’t do this kinda stuff -now- ??’ a good and very valid point, i thought! RE-WATCH YOUR OWN SHOW, fer cryin’ out loud, WITH EACH OTHER, in-office “hey i’ve never watched this one” parties, and KEEP GOING! make an episode list (like all of us sane people have ;), and mark it off as they’re watched!

  • bonus points: return to the old-school ‘commercial breaks’ with patton narrating. not only is this being ‘syndication-ready’, it’s a helluva lotta extra lil’bit of fun!

whaddaya think, sirs?

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