Making New MSTies

Tonight I got my brother to watch Mystery Science Theater for the first time. If you’ve followed any of my other activity on these forums, you’ll know that my favorite episode is “Cry Wilderness.” So naturally I started him on that one. He was already snickering by the Invention Exchange, and by the end of the movie he was laughing so hard he couldn’t breathe. The last few minutes after the movie, when Max sings “You get a bowl haircut, swallow your pride at private school,” had him curled up on the couch wheezing.

Overall, it was a runaway success. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Anybody else have some fun stories about showing mst3k to new people?


In high school, I tried (and succeeded) to make a new MSTie out of my best friend at the time.

The episode? MANOS. The disbelieving looks were… something.

I’m older and wiser now. I wouldn’t DARE to use Manos as an introductory episode again, heh!


But you succeeded!! That means they were meant to be MSTie all along! :joy:


Heh, there is that! :smiley:

I have to wonder how it all would have gone had I chosen a different episode.

I picked Manos specifically because the movie was so godawful. I wasn’t thinking of the laugh factor as much as I was thinking of the jaw-drop factor. But… hey, it worked! :smiley:

That moment always kills me for some reason (maybe it’s because Max is just dusting aimlessly/randomly?). I’m so glad to hear that it was a runaway success with that run of Cry Wilderness!


I tried to introduce MST3K to a few people on Discord in different servers, and so far… no luck. Maybe it’s because they’re only into crazy things on the interwebs.


I was texting a friend while en route to the first live tour and they were all “uh, I gotz absolutely no idear whut you be talkin’ 'bout”. Described the premise; they weren’t sold (“why not just watch the movie, uninterrupted?”… that old chestnut). Told them to hit up their brother, who was probably gonna be aware of the show (I wasn’t 100% positive), and slung three titles that they might want to try on for size.

They must have jumped on the suggestion because, right as the live tour’s movie was starting, I got a text that they chose The Giant Spider Invasion and were in love with it.

One more conversion to the ranks!


I’ve helped convert my wife, and raise my son to enjoy it. I had friends in college who had an extensive collection of MST DVDs, and we would always use movies as drinking/riffing facilitators. So now, since I don’t drink as much, I just enjoy the riffing.

My son wants to re-watch Manos this weekend while my wife is out of town for a girls trip.

So either I’ve done something very wrong, or something very right…



It’s funny cuz sometimes the people I expect to be really on board with it aren’t actually that interested. Like my dad, he loves dumb movies, but I think he genuinely likes them, he’s not so into making fun of them. So while he does enjoy MST3K movies, but he’s definitely not the huge fan I really thought he would be.

My brother on the other hand did not seem like he would be super interested, I just threw Cry Wilderness on for some idle distraction during dinner. But he ended up loving it and was still quoting riffs yesterday as we took him to the airport for his flight home. So. You never knkw :joy:


the wife not a fan?


No, she’s a fan. She just isn’t interested in re-watching Manos. She did it once, and that’s all. And it will give my son and I a chance to riff along with the episode, which I will have watched, I want to say, four previous times. Which is a LOT of deep hurting…


Tonight my sister’s boyfriend is over, and he’s never seen any Mystery Science Theater before. But I told them I had dibs on the TV to watch Beyond Atlantis, so they’re sitting down here watching it with me, and he’s finding it genuinely funny. And it’s super funny and cool to me that his first experience with this show will be with Emily and female Crow :laughing: