Manos: A 2009 Review

I have been a long, if irregular, fan of the site Teleport City which, among other things, covers unusual and schlock cinema from all over the world. My first exposure to it was its review of The Star Wars Holiday Special back around 2003, written by Keith Allison (now hosted on The Cultural Gutter as Death to Life Day). He’s also written a very nice long-form overview of the history of Space: 1999, as well as a hilarious take-down of the film The Conqueror, starring John Wayne as Genghis Khan (yes, really).

After watching tonight’s rebroadcast of Manos, and listening to some of the comments by Joel, Mary Jo, and Jackey Neyman, I went back to the site to look for a review of Manos which, according to the page metadata, was first posted in 2009. In Allison’s article, he recounts his own personal journey with Manos, to the point that only about half the article is about the movie itself and the history of its making (as was known in 2009). Nevertheless, I think it’s a nice, thoughtful review and – take my word for this – definitely worth reading to the end.