Manos Series 2 trading cards Kickstarter (along with Series 5 cards)

I figured this probably fits better here than in another sub forum.

RRParks cards, which made MST3K and Manos trading cards just published a Kickstarter for Manos Series 2. It includes original art cards as well as autographed cards by Jackie Neyman Jones and the actress who played Debbie’s mom, whose name I’m blanking on.

This set also includes a subset called “Series 5,” continuing on the MST3K trading cards. Series 4 covered shorts from the show, and since Series 5 includes 13 cards I’m assuming it covers the 13 shorts of season 13.


Amazing that there are enough distinct scenes to make cards from. I’m particularly charmed by the “Torgo Motion” cards. :grinning:


Why was I thinking Jackie was the only surviving member of the cast? Not sure where I got that from, but I had no idea Diane Mahree was still around.

I think there are a few others still surviving.

Why aren’t they branding the Series 5 cards as MST3K Series 5?

My understanding is whoever does the licensing with Shout Factory stopped returning the card publisher’s emails, but since he just wanted to do cards about the public domain shorts for series 4 he just did them without the MST3K branding, and he’s continuing that strategy for series 5.

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I wonder why he did that.