Manually clear viewing progress / Mark episodes as unwatched

I have a half dozen or so episodes in my list that are partially viewed (I think maybe dating back to the VHX site) I can’t seem to get rid of; being able to manually reset the viewing progress so I can clear them out of my list would be fantastic. The way Rifftrax has this feature implemented would be a good model.


Alternaversal is somewhat technologically limited to how much they can change the behaviour of the backend, so this may not be something they can do. It would be nice to have if they can, of course.

I’m not in front of the tool at the moment, is there a way to do “Start Over” on a movie? I use that on some services to clear out a viewing, restarting the movie and then cancelling a few seconds in. Typically the system will then mark the movie as unviewed.


Depends on the app, it appears. It’s there on the Roku app but not on the Android one.

I’ve tried that but it’s inconsistent at best. It works sometimes but usually when I exit out it doesn’t seem to remember.

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Can you trick it to think you are done watching it by clicking to the end and playing the last few seconds?

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I’ll have to try that at home, when I’ve got more time to experiment.