March Dadness

On our podcast, SoL-Mates, we’ve started a March Dadness bracket to decide who the ultimate “Daddy” of MST3K is.
Right now, the matchup is Baydool from Quest of the Delta Knight vs. David Stratton from Kitten With a Whip.

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There are no set criteria. You could base your winner on who is the hottest… the best member of a secret society…. The best at getting taken in by Ann-Margret…


David is in the running for the dumbest dumb-dumb to have ever dumbed in an MST3K’d movie.

Baydool, on the other hand, is a pretty crafty and competent individual.

Baydool in a stompin’.


Joe Don Baker certainly has BDE (Big Dad Energy) about him…


Baydool is a good dad. Showing Travis how to be a Delta Knight faucet. Or something like that.

David Stratton-Senate candidate- is not too bright. But he’s got his scandal ready, the sick creep.