March Madness

Anyone else fill out a bracket? I filled two out for the men’s side and one for the women’s side. I have Gonzaga winning on the men’s side (that looks in danger as I write this) and UConn on the women’s side (my husband is a Connecticut native, so that’s a huge reason, plus I think with Paige Bueckers back, they can go far). Currently watching Richmond-Iowa, which is riveting.

Who are you rooting for? Who do you have winning?


Yep, I am also watching and filled out both a men’s and women’s bracket. Exciting games so far. Enjoy March Madness!

I’ll fess up and admit I had the Iowa Hawkeyes winning it all. Whoops. :laughing:


I have Gonzaga winning, but I had Iowa going to the Elite Eight. Oops. So far, the ones that I have are about half and half.

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Couldn’t care less about Basketball. (Thank the NBA for moving the Grizzlies and Sonics for that.)
But if I would do a bracket I’d have Gonzaga to win. Just because it’s fun to say Gonzaga.

Basketball Cheer GIF by Gonzaga Bulldogs

Try it, say Gonzaga, It’s a fun name.


Welp, Kentucky was in my Final Four. My bracket is certainly busted now…

Me too. Bracket is pretty much toast at this point.

I think I need to use more of my mind for obscure MST3K quotes instead of predicting sporting events! :laughing:

I did two brackets:
Gonzaga winning it on one and Houston the other.

Final Fours:
Gonzaga, Kentucky, Tennessee, Kansas
Gonzaga, UCLA, Houston, Auburn

And now Baylor is out, too! I had them going to the final four! …oh, wait, not the final four, but the sweet sixteen. Maybe not as bad as it could have been, but I have a lot of teams out.

madeline kahn flames GIF
My bracket now that Gonzaga’s out.

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Same here.

Man, tonight is not a good night for me. I had Gonzaga and Arizona in the championship! I have one Final Four team left–Kansas–and being from Missouri, I was raised to hate KU, even though I didn’t go to Mizzou (my dad and brother did, though). So I’m ready to just burn it down.

My women’s bracket is only in slightly better shape than my men’s bracket. As long as the UConn women keep winning, I should be ok.

Are we going to root for Iowa State (The High School After High School) tonight?

How about those St. Peter’s Peacocks? That’s just amazing!

Well, now that pretty much all my chosen teams are out, I’m cheering for St. Peter’s. Why not? They’ve made it this far. I’m also cheering for Duke.