Marking episodes as 'Watched'

Maybe I missed this, but is there any way to mark an episode as viewed or watched? I have a terrible memory for titles and, well, other details so I can never remember if I’ve watched an episode or not.


I don’t think this is a current feature, but it’s a fine suggestion.


This topic is now set in the Feature request area. If this is something you are interested in seeing in the Virtual Theater, don’t just comment, vote!

The team uses these votes to prioritise what features to work on in the Virtual Theater.

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Similarly, a way to clear viewing progress in the list would be nice. I’ve got a bunch of episodes that are marked as partially viewed (I believe because they’d autoplay on the old VHS site when I clicked through to download them) and can’t clear them from my list.

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I’d make another topic, because that’s a great suggestion but a different feature.