Mary Jo Pehl Thread!

Our beloved Lawgiver, Mary Jo Pehl has lots of projects in the works and I thought it would be good to have a thread just for her to promote her stuff! Be sure to “watch” this thread so you can alerts on MJ!


MINNEAPOLIS! Happening tonight & Friday night at Strike Theater!!
Go see “The Dog Show” by Mary Jo Pehl as she talks about navigating life after loss with her dog Seymour. He’s such a cutie!



From the awesome @Chris_Gersbeck

Just to clear up any confusion about tonight’s Movie Jo Night event:

At 8pm ET head to The Mary Jo Pehl Show Twitch channel:

Have Amazon Prime? Great! When we start the movie Twitch will ask you to login with your credentials and the movie will play in sync. That’s it!

Don’t have Amazon Prime? Keep the Twitch channel open so you can hear MJ, and watch SATAN’S TRIANGLE in sync courtesy of the Satellite of Love Discord Server:

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Also a reminder that Twitch seems to run smoothest when you have a strong internet connection.




“I hope they offer downloads soon,” he says, credit card quivering in anticipation.

Sadly not at this time, but if you subscribe to the twitch channel (or have Amazon prime) you can watch it after.


The latest hare raising riff from MJ and Bridget is now available at


This was really fun. She was such an intense, melodramatic kid.


HAPPENING TONIGHT!!! A free show and a chance to win your very own Mary Jo Pehl Show t-shirt!

Be sure to register to attend here: in order to be registered for the drawing!

And watch along with me as we revisit the vlog of Ruth Larson! Tune in here: tonight!


Miss the last episode of The Mary Jo Pehl Show? Catch the rerun of Episode 3: Ruth Larson Lives TONIGHT on Twitch at 8pm ET / 7pm CT!



We have no thread or discussion on the 4th episode. So, did anyone watch it?

I didn’t receive notification this time out and had no idea it was out, I just went to see what happened to it, and there it was. MJs cooking show.

They also announced that you could buy downloads - 4 bucks will get you an episode. You can find them at her store…

The Mary Jo Pehl Show — Store — Dumb Industries | Home of The Mads Are Back, The Dave Hill Goodtime Hour, and The Mary Jo Pehl Show (


I forgot to post about episode 4. I think they are going to do a rerun soon

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Movie Jo Night, Tuesday! A movie watching party wherein Mary Jo knows nothing - ABSOLUTELY NUTHIN’ - about the movie: She’s never heard of it, never seen it, refrain from doing any research - at most, maybe she’s see an image of the lobby card. She’s goin’ in cold and you’re comin’ along! This month, y’all chose “Invisible Invaders”. It’s easy. It’s fun. Tune in! 8 Eastern; 7 Central; 6 Mountain; 5 Pacific!
Tune in here:

Get your FREE ticket here: Movie Jo Night with Mary Jo Pehl | This month's movie: INVISIBLE INVADERS Tickets, Tue, Nov 30, 2021 at 8:00 PM | Eventbrite


They are having a sale on ALL the Mary Jo Show episodes!!

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Cyber Monday sale on The Mary Jo Pehl Show episodes! $2.99 each to download and keep, hurrah!



That’s right!!! All episodes of the Mary Jo Pehl Show are now available for download for only $3.99!!


TONIGHT! The Mary Jo Pehl Show returns for its FIFTH episode, as I host the classic game show: TO TELL THE TRUTH!

Featuring secret special guests, and a PIMENTO JAR GIVEAWAY to one lucky person who RSVP’s:

Watch on Twitch:


In anticipation of the next upcoming episode of The Mary Jo Pehl Show, join original Mystery Science Theater 3000 writer & cast member Mary Jo Pehl as she watches a never-before-seen-by-her movie, along with YOU, on Twitch!

This month’s movie: ABC Afterschool Special: THE DAY MY KID WENT PUNK (1987)

THIS EVENT WILL NOT BE RECORDED OR OFFERED AS A DOWNLOAD FOR LATER. The only way to watch this event will be to watch the live broadcast on Tuesday, January 4 @ 8pm ET / 7pm CT.

Watch and subscribe to The Mary Jo Pehl Show on Twitch with new episodes every fourth Tuesday @ 8pm ET / 7pm CT!


NEXT TUESDAY The Mary Jo Pehl Show | Episode 6: The Partridge Family Book Club

Join Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Mary Jo Pehl for an evening of live comedy!

Original Mystery Science Theater 3000 writer & cast member Mary Jo Pehl hosts a new livestream series in collaboration with Dumb Industries: The Mary Jo Pehl Show.

The monthly comedy-variety show features Pehl hosting an interactive hour of comedy every fourth Tuesday of the month, free to all viewers. Chris Gersbeck, founder of Dumb Industries and producer of the popular The Mads Are Back livestreams with MST3K’s Trace Beaulieu & Frank Conniff, produces.

Can’t watch live? Subscribe to The Mary Jo Pehl Show Twitch channel and you’ll be able to watch the replay at your leisure. FREE for Amazon Prime members!

Looking to download past episodes? Head to the Dumb Industries Online Store:

Themes for future episodes of The Mary Jo Pehl Show will be decided by the fans, with Pehl providing several possible options at the end of each show and letting viewers vote on which they’re most anxious to see next.

Watch The Mary Jo Pehl Show on The Mary Jo Pehl Show Twitch channel every fourth Tuesday @ 8pm ET / 7pm CT!


Hello everyone! A rerun of Movie Jo Night: THE DAY MY KID WENT PUNK (1987) is tonight at 8pm ET with Mary Jo Pehl watching the ABC Afterschool Special for the very first time.

You can RSVP for free here to get email reminders or just head to The Mary Jo Pehl Show Twitch channel at 8pm ET.