Mary Jo Pehl Thread!

@Chris_Gersbeck :laughing:

TONIGHT! 8PM ET Mary Jo Pehl & @Chris_Gersbeck play a few rounds of RiffTrax: The Game on Twitch with ALL OF YOU!

Join our Discord Server for a chance to play along!

Watch us live on Twitch: Twitch

Love watching #TheMaryJoPehlShow? It’s about to get A LOT more fun with The Mary Jo Pehl Show Clubhouse, launching November 2022! This is the best way to help support MJ and her team! And the best part is you can join up for just $1 a month!!!
And who knows, maybe she’ll throw in a tote bag.

Use this link to find out all the info and enter your email on the list to be alerted as soon as memberships open: [The Mary Jo Pehl Show Clubhouse — Dumb Industries]

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Mary Jo will be doing a signing Oct 15 at the Twin Cities Book Festival.

This is incredible luck for me, since my wife had booked a hotel room in the twin cities for Oct 15 for an event she wasn’t going to, and we couldn’t get a refund on the room. But now I get to see Mary Jo and then They Might be Giants with Mark Pender.



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Tell her I sez “hi”. She won’t know who I am or why, but that’s ok.


What to do with my final. DIY MJP Show Merch sticker? I know!

Wait, zoom out!

The DIY MJP Show Merch Mary Jo Pehl!


St. Paul, MN! Go see Mary Jo this Thursday as part of Pay Gap Music & Comedy Series!
The Pay Gap Music & Comedy Series is making moves around the Twin Cities. Head on over Urban Growler Brewing Company on October 20th to enjoy comedy and music by Boots & Needles, Mary Jo Pehl, and Maggie Faris!

The series is named the Pay Gap because women still only earn 82% of what men do, and performance lineups are primarily male-centric. Putting the spotlight on hilarious female comics and local musical artists is your way to clap back at the gaps in society – one show at a time.

More info on the event here: Pay Gap Music and Comedy Series | Rock What You Got™



TONIGHT! 8pm ET! The Mary Jo Pehl Show | Season 2 Episode 2: A Halloween Special

Join Mary Jo Pehl and Chris Gersbeck tonight as they get into all sorts of sPoOkY stuff planned and we will hear your VERY TRUE GHOST STORIES!

Watch on or

The Clubhouse is now open.

I still have 3 months at Twitch but have cancelled automatic renewals and will make the switch to the Clubhouse soon.


Same here!!!

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Happy Birthday, Mary Jo! :smiley:


Happy, Happy Day, hope it’s a great one MJ

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Upcoming events:

April 18: Movie Jo Night watching Challenge of the Super Heroes, a crazy 70s variety show with DC superheroes.
(2) Movie Jo Night: Legends of the Superheroes (Part One) | Facebook

April 25: The Mary Jo Pehl Show, playing Pictionary.
(2) The Mary Jo Pehl Show Presents: Pictionary | Facebook


Dang, I would LOVE to see the former.


Anybody here joining MJ tonight for the viewing of (Corman’s) Fantastic Four?


Yep, I will be watching, I love Corman, and I love the Fantastic 4. I watched this movie with my buddies last year, and we riffed it mercilessly. I can’t wait to see how MJP handles it.


Nice, I remember seeing trailers for if back in the day when renting cheesy movies on VHS, then it just disappeared. Eventually got a bootleg copy and understood why. The doc “Doomed” fills in the whole backstory of how/why it got made.
Anyway, have fun, maybe see you in the chat!..


I just finished watching it, and be warned it is brutal! I really felt sorry for Chris and Mary Jo on this one.