Mask 3-D Backer reward?

Hey everybody.

So I got the 3d glasses in the mail a week or two ago but my backer sub has expired. Is there any chance there’s a way for backers to watch the flick without buying it individually? I guess I kinda assumed it was part of the backer rewards?

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How long your backer pass lasts, or if you even get one, depends on what level you pledged at.


Aww, that’s too bad. I was hoping this one would’ve been special since it was part of the original kit and nobody knew how long things were going to take to release.

Thank for the response.

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If you entered the cosplay contest there is email for a free pass for tonight. Save for that, gotta pay or have a season pass.


You can also rent it for $5.


You could also extend your Member Pass to a full 12-month version at a special backer discount! More info here: