maybe a bad idea, but I gotta ask: Guest riffers

As stated above this may be a bad idea and I know that I don’t know anything about TV… But it seems to me with the narrative of the show being a theater on the moon Couldn’t it be within the grasp of the mads to ‘abduct’ patrons of the theater and force them into a single experiment; similar to the idea of adding some occasional randomization to check the base line.

the practical idea here is a chance, similar to other comedy shows, to feature the occasional host, celebrity, guest start. That person (guest) could have an opening sketch where they’re pulled into a theater and forced to riff for their life. Maybe pull in 1 of the regular hosts to ‘show them the ropes’, lend them the bots…

There are parts of this I don’t understand, like maybe guest stars would require compensation that is outside the budget. Or they may want to push some other thing like a movie they’ll be in, or some other stuff. But I don’t see why those couldn’t be worked into the host segments. For example say the guest was Mark Rober; for the invention exchange he could come up with some means of making theater for squirrels and the mads could then pervert it like they usually do. If the host were Chris Pratt he could ‘try to escape’ to get back for some project he’s got coming up.

Go ahead and tell me all the ways I’ve erred and the stuff I don’t understand. But thanks for at least considering my idea!


Rifftrax has done this, they have an episode riffed by Mike and Fred Willard (Missile to the Moon) but without Kevin and Bill. So it can definitely work if you get the right guest riffer. Chris Pratt may be out of their budget though :smiley:

We have a short this season which was riffed by Mary Jo and J. Elvis. You could do more like that, where it’s not a full-length in-continuity episode.

I think having that in a regular episode would be a bit of a sore thumb. The parade of host segment guest stars in season 11 is already controversial.


I can see your enthusiasm about the idea and it may have been been one thought of for the show itself. But honestly, I think there are already enough fingers in the pie here when it comes to hosting, thanks to three hosts and occasionally appearances by some of the mads in the theater now. I would be more for making sure we give good material to the hosts we have and letting their characters shine, than worrying about forming scripts around guest hosts who are only there for an episode and then gone, even if there’s potential to create good jokes for them.

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Yeah, it might work better for Rifftrax because they do/have so many episodes, and there’s no show continuity to maintain. But I really like the idea of guest shorts!

I agree it would work better for shorts, due to the lesser continuity.

They’ve already got a framework for it, with how Pearl picks names out of a bowl to “assign” the shorts to riffers this season.