MCU Recast with Classic Actors

Here’s something very off-topic for my fellow general cinephiles out there:
If the Marvel Cinematic Universe was created in the “Golden Age of Cinema”, who would be in the ideal cast?

My initial thoughts:

  • Humphrey Bogart - Iron Man
    (I really want a Bogart “I’m Iron Man, see”)

  • Katharine Hepburn - Pepper Pots

  • Ingrid Bergman - Black Widow

  • Clark Gable - Nick Fury

  • Audie Murphy/Cary Grant/Gregory Peck - Captain America

  • Audrey Hepburn - Peggy Carter

  • Peter Lorre - Dr. Arnim Zola
    (There must always be a role for Peter Lorre)

  • William Holden/Peter O’Toole - Thor

  • Peter Sellers - Loki

  • Danny Kaye - Hawkeye

  • John Wayne - The Hulk
    (“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry, pilgrim”)

  • Jimmy Stewart - Vision

  • Can I cast Ingrid Bergman twice? - Scarlet Witch

  • Gene Kelly - Antman

  • Marilyn Monroe - The Wasp
    (There is a lack of both comedic female roles in the MCU, and a lack of classic comediennes)

  • Sidney Poitier - Black Panther

  • Vincent Price/Christopher Lee - Doctor Strange

  • Lauren Bacall - Captain Marvel


Well, the X-Men haven’t shown up in MCU yet (unless a few have popped up in a Disney series). But I like this classic line-up


I’m waiting for the MCU Recast with '70s Sitcom Actors list so I can have Alan Alda as Hawkeye2.



I’m calling it now, best post in the thread.


Timely/Atlas Entertainment Group Presents:
The Four Marx Brothers
Guardians of the Galaxy
Groucho Marx as Peter Quill/Starlord
Chico Marx as Rocket
Harpo Marx as Groot
Zeppo Marx as Drax
Margaret Dumont as Gamora
Thelma Todd as Nebula
Special appearance by Buster Keaton as Yondu

(I think I have to make this poster now.)


Clark Gable as Tony Stark, he’s got the mustache and the cocky attitude

For Black Panther, I instantly thought of Paul Robeson - that voice, that build, that mind… Robeson was an activist and had a very commanding screen presence that would make him believable as a King.

I’d like Gene Tierney as Catwoman, but for the MCU, and considering her work in Leave Her to Heaven, how about Gene as Hela?

And yeah, Bergman would be a great Black Widow, so would Greta Garbo… but if you wanted a real Russian actress there’s Anna Sten. (pictured here, looking like Deitrich… who’d also be a good Widow)

Veronica Lake was a s.e.x symbol in noir roles in the 40s, but she was also adept at comedy and was a very tiny woman, so she would be a great Wasp.

I also think we could use Johnny Weissmuller, he was an athlete, played Tarzan… Hmm, he’d probably be a great Aquaman, but for the MCU? Maybe Captain America?

Anna May Wong as Gamora, just because I love Anna May and she has to be in my MCU movie.

I agree, whole heartily!

(I had to spell out one word due to the censor)


I keep thinking of villains:
Orson Welles as Thanos
Claude Rains as Red Skull
Bela Lugosi at Baron Zemo
Boris Karloff as Ultron


Yeah, I think that’s moved into the ‘moral imperative’ territory… :laughing:


Love the “Marx Brothers Presents: Guardians of the Galaxy”!

For a villain, how about Joan Crawford as Hela?

Robert Preston for Howard Stark?

Also, I’d be very entertained by Judy Garland as Mantis.

And Max Von Sydow as Baron Zemo!


How about one cast with MST3K actors?

Beverly Garland as Captain Marvel
Tad Tadlock as the Wasp
Lisa Foster as Lady Sif
Caroline Munro as Black Widow
Kim Hamilton as Shuri
Allison Hayes as the Scarlet Witch (After the Selling Wizard was fired for refusing to speak, Hayes, fresh off her work as Livia in the Undead was cast)

Miles O’Keefe as Thor
Tor Johnson as the Incredible Hulk
Tommy Kirk as Spider-Man
Neil Connery as Iron Man
Cy Grant as Black Panther
Beau Bridges as Ant Man/Giant Man
Reb Brown as Captain America
Gregorio Sala as Hawkeye

Special guests
Aldo Farnese as Mr. Fantastic (because he’s got the hair)
Joe Don Baker as the Thing
Alex the chimp as Speedball (that’s a deep cut for Marvel comics fans)


Why not Jon Mikl Thor as Thor? I feel like he has a head start…

Joe Don Baker as The Thing is inspired and I may not be against this irl.

I legit enjoyed Red Brown as Captain America, especially in the second movie/pair of episodes.

Piling on:

Joe Estevez as the Winter Soldier
Hasselhoff as Nick Fury (grandfathered in)
Ernest Borgnine as Dr Strange
John Carradine as Odin
Jack Palace as Mysterio
Coily as Ultron
Arch Hall Jr as Star Lord
Timothy Van Patten as Iron Fist
Trumpy as Rocket and/or Groot


Bruce J Mitchell as the Red Guardian
(Red, of course, being Canadian)

Adam West as Thaddeus Ross

Douglas McClure as Dum Dum Dugan
(I feel like he could pull off a good handlebar mustache)


Thought about it, but I like Miles much, much, much, much more.


Oh, man. He would have taken that part to a new level. Falstaff on steroids


Jack Lemmon as Bruce Banner. Cast whoever you want as the Hulk, but let me have sweet Jack bumbling and trying to avoid getting angry.


Well, then you HAVE to have Jack Palance as Thanos, since Thanos is a rip-off of Darksied, and Darksied was literally modeled on Jack Palance.

As for guest stars, you also need to have Steve Reeves as Hercules.

I would like this post multiple times if I could for this comment alone. Marvel Apes was great!


As if the answer is anyone but Walter Matthau.


Well now I can only hear “Hulk smash” in his voice.


This is brilliant - and YES there must always be a role for Peter Lorre. I was thinking for the Scarlet Witch, there’s no shortage of classic horror actresses who could play it - perhaps Ilona Massey or Gloria Holden. And Maria Ouspenskaya was Agatha all along.


Tor Johnson