Media Center version of Riffing a film

One of the interesting projects in the area of Riffing was a Media Center that did a version of MST3K with three employees getting sent up to a satellite and tortured by a faculty member and having to watch The Giant Claw. Sadly, it was removed from Youtube. Did anyone else watch the video? They even had the “director” interview and say that he built the actual satellite for reality’s sake.


Someone may have the DVD’s. The teacher in it went on to start a video making business and those students followed him there, for a time. Media Center Theater 3000 had Starcrash and The Giant Claw as experiments.


I had forgotten they did Starcrash. Thank you for reminding me and letting me know they might be out there. :grinning: I now remember their lyrics to the Starcrash theme, “Starship, Imperial Starship…”

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