Melbourne, Australia: A live riffing show from "Cinema Fiasco"

This post has a niche target audience, but I know I’d want to know this if I didn’t already.

There is a riffing duo in Melbourne, Australia called “Cinema Fiasco”. They’ve been pretty quiet the last couple of years due to covid restrictions making it a rough time to do any sorts of live events. BUT they’ve just announced a new show for July 1st at Cinema Nova in Melbourne, so I thought I’d share the news for any fellow Melbournians who haven’t been able to see MST3K live and want a taste of the atmosphere that live riffing brings.

To be clear, this isn’t exactly the same as MST3K or RiffTrax or the like. Yes, they riff through the movie, but they do give certain moments room to breathe and let the movie speak for itself - usually when the movie is doing something so bad that it can elicit its own laughs. In addition to MST3K-style riffs, they also do a lot of research about the films prior to the screening, and love to share amusing behind-the-scenes trivia about the making of them throughout, akin to a commentary track, but only featuring tidbits that the filmmakers probably wish were kept buried. What results is a super fun night out, and one I highly recommend if you’re in the Melbourne area.

The film they’re doing this time around is a 1985 film called “Lifeforce”, and they provide the following synopsis:

Lifeforce (1985)

Astronauts investigating an alien craft in the tail of Halley’s Comet find a nude lady space vampire in suspended animation. After shipping her back to Earth, the nude lady space vampire wakes up and, rather than sucking blood, starts sucking out her victim’s life force. With shriveled corpses piling up and global apocalypse imminent, heroic Steve Railsback (who has developed a psychic connection with the nude lady space vampire) steps up to save the day. One of the 80’s most bonkers cinematic outings – which I realise is quite a claim – this has the prestige of a big budget, great special effects, loony dialogue, a ritzy cast of British thespians chewing the scenery like termites – and a nude lady space vampire.

Tickets will probably go on sale at some point in the next couple of weeks (don’t know exactly when as I’m not affiliated in any way other than being a fan), so I’ll post an update here when they do. In the meantime though, they have a Facebook page here.

Or a website at if FB ain’t your thing.

UPDATE: Tickets are now on-sale here!


Lifeforce has come up multiple times. For obvious reasons it seems unlikely to be riffed on MST3K.

Unless you want to have drones following her around the entire film.

It would be quite a feat. I guess that could be funny: How far could you push the umbrella/drone/whatever gag?

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Tickets are now available, here.

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