Memetic Badness: [Movie] was so bad that…

Don’t just tell us about bad movies you’ve seen, give us a meme about how bad they were!

Bonus points if it’s true.

Gamera: Super Monster was so bad the producer insisted they kill the title character.

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Ok, but these aren’t really secrets…

Plan 9 From Outer Space: The headlining star of the picture died during production and was replaced by a dentist with a permanent vampire sneeze.

Project Moon Base: Famous classic sci fi author Robert Heinlein only had two films made of his work (at least last time I checked… Stranger in a Strange Land has been stillborn for decades). This was the one that was true to his work. Sigh.

Starship Troopers: The other Heinlein movie was widely panned by audiences who didn’t understand satire, and is now being recognized as prophetic for its exposure and rejection of several of the more fascist-y tenets of the original book. Heinlein does get credit for predicting that democracy is prone to fall into totalitarianism if not properly minded, although in his case he apparently thought that was a good thing.

Ok, those were kinda long for memes… sorry!