Merch Idea: Episode T-Shirts

For the past two seasons of Star Trek: Lower Decks (and the last few seasons of The Venture Bros.) Titmouse has established a t-shirt club where they would release a different limited edition t-shirt with every new episode. They also offered a bonus t-shirt if you preordered for the entire season. Might this be something that would work for MST3k? I think it would lead to awesome limited edition designs with things that diehard fans would get excited about. Is Growler featured heavily in this episode? Give him a spotlight shirt. GPC-1 meets GPC-2? Commemorate it in cotton!

I get why it might not work logistically or financially, especially so close to the new season, but it would be a cool idea to have in the back pocket for the future.


I know nothing about the logistics, but I do have a few of those Venture Bros. shirts from back in the day, and they’re preeeetty nice (I was actually just watching that show to fall asleep to last night!)