Merch trade?

I’m giddy about posting this and my wife thinks it’ll NEVER happen, but I think I know better (help me out, people!).

In 2017 me and wife did the VIP live show thing in Minneapolis. Our VIP gift was a Tom Servo wooden statue-thing. We both had VIP so we got 2 Servos. The next year we went again but chose cheap seats and didn’t get Crow statue-things.

So here’s my point-I know that somewhere out there some couple got two Crows and would love a Servo to complete the set. I’d LOVE to do a 1:1 trade. Can’t get too much Servo, but we’d like to complete the set. And to prove my wife wrong.

Please let me know if anybody can help me (us) out. Cheers~


I wish you luck. I still have my actual boxer underpants that were included with the vhs Shorts collection, but they saw some service as actual underwear, so we’re gonna say those are off the market.

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I’ve got one of each (Tom, Crow and the SOL bridge) but I want to keep them. I do run across things fairly often so if I see an available Crow I will let you know.


I’m in the same boat. I could trade you a servo for…a servo. :wink: